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Flag Waving Hypocrisy From Fox

Reported by Deborah - August 10, 2005

During the final hour of Fox&Friends, there was no coverage of Cindy Sheehan, a grieving American Mother sleeping in a drainage ditch in Crawford Texas waiting for some acknowledgement from President Bush. This tale of a true American was ignored and F&F chose to cover a silly story about a flag in Utica, New York that was perfectly suited for Judge Judy's Courtroom.

After a tease claiming that a family was forced to remove their American Flag, one of the Friends quipped, "Who's their landlord, Mick Jagger?" Obviously this story was meant to brand all critics of this administration as anti-american. 8/10/05

The Puvrillo family claimed that their condo association was forcing them to remove their American Flag, affixed on a pole, from the front of their buiding. There were angry cries of anti-american persecution coming from the outraged couple but this time, a representative from the Condo Association was on hand to offer the other side of the story.

Deborah and Michael Puvrillo were wildly angry claiming that their flag expressed solidarity after 9/11/ Deborah wailed, "People stood under that flag!" They told Doocy that the flag was there when they moved in and there had been no complaints but now the owners were trying to get them out by forcing them to remove the flag. Wasn't this a clear case of patriotic citizens being persecuted?

Lauren Axelrod, representing the Condo,explained that the buildings had recently been resurfaced and they needed to get the flag pole off the wall to resurface properly. The Condo requested that the Puvrillos be responsible for the flag and the pole asking that they pay for it's maintenance since it's on their building. A written request to keep the flag and assume responsibility was required also.
Axelrod was clear that there was no objection to the flag.

Deborah Puvrillo,losing control, was shouting accusations at Axelrod and Doocy was forced to calm her down.At this point, the Puvrillos had lost credibility but Doocy was compelled to ask Axelrod, "Why can't you make an exception?" Doocey claimed the circumstances were "extraordinary.

comment:On second thought,Judge Judy is too highbrow for the Puvrillo family. After watching Deborah Puvrillo rave, I recommend the Jerry Springer Show as a perfect showcase for her talents.

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