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Homeland Security New Report - What's Rumsfeld Know? Nothing.

Reported by Donna - August 9, 2005

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith, he began a segment under the banner of Homeland Security, with another banner saying 'Lessons Learned In Tracking Terror Since 9/11'.

Smith then began to explain that there was a new report out that said the United State had it's eyes on four of the 9/11 hijackers before they helped pull off the worst terror attack ever on U.S soil.

But I wasn't prepared when he asked a question about Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, when it came to this new information.

Smith repeated that the United States knew of 4 of them before 9/11, but that the information, according to the report, was apparently never shared with other intelligence agencies.

He went on to say that we now have the Patriot Act and the International Intelligence Czar to try to oversee 15 intelligence agencies. He said this was all created in hopes of making sure that tips and leads are vetted and followed up on properly. (Comment: Great promotions for the administration, but wait until you see the follow up question for Donald Rumsfeld)

He asked the questions, "Are they working?" and "What have we learned in investigating terror crimes in recent years?"

Smith then introduced a Homeland and Security Analyst for Total Security Inc. (I tried googling this company and only came up with a home and small business security business and I was curious as to his title - was he associated with the government or was this a title he used in a civilian capacity?), Retired Coast Guard Captain, Ray Brown.

But after the big buildup about how much we've done since 9/11, his examples of the Patriot Act and the International Intelligence Czar, Smith asked, "Secretary Rumsfeld was asked about this (report) today and said he knew nothing about it." (Comment: Smith, himself seemed shocked at the answer Rumsfeld gave)

Mr. Brown said he would let the Secretary speak for himself.

They continued on a conversation about Mr. Smith thinking we were better off today because of a public/private partnership, which included truckdrivers and others being security aware.

While they spoke, 4 banners appeared on the bottom of the screen that said 'Intelligence Unit Reportedly Recommended Info be Shared W/FBI', 'Rep. Weldon & ex-intel offl: Military knew of Al Qaeda Cell', 'Weldon & Ex-Intelligence Offl: Info was not Shared With FBI' and 'Weldon is Vice Chair of House Armed Services Cmte.'

Comment: Isn't it so reassuring to know that our Secretary of Defense knows nothing about this new report? This shows you the strides we've made in Homeland Security.

And as far as professionalism goes, Smith did not reference where or from whom the report came. You would have had to look at the banners appearing at the bottom of the screen to get an inkling about the report, as the conversation told you nothing about it. And the banners are confusing. Is this more proof of the mistakes this administration made before 9/11 and have they improved? Well, as a glaring example, Rumsfeld knew nothing about this report.

All in all, I'd say that the intelligence is being conducted as usual - the Secretary of Defense knows nothing.

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