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Tom DeLay Appears on Fox & is Given A Pass, a Big, Big Pass

Reported by Melanie - August 8, 2005

Well, well, well. Guess who made a live appearance today (August 8, 2005) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto - Tom DeLay and his wife Christine! Yes siree, DeLay and his wife were on for eight minutes (a long interview in TVland) to talk about - adopting children!

The last time Cavuto made any major mention of Tom DeLay was on May 16, 2005, when he delivered a syrupy "Common Sense" segment (that almost brought tears to my eyes) about the benevolence of Mr. DeLay. Today, DeLay was there in person, seated next to his sweet wife, to be benevolent in the flesh.

Cavuto said "one of the things" DeLay and his wife "get no press about" is today's "grand opening" of "a new project of the DeLay Foundation for Foster Kids." DeLay said the project, (headquartered in Richmond, Texas), is a "community of foster homes for foster kids." Cavuto and the DeLays talked about the "project" for several minutes before the hard hitting Cavuto (just kidding) got to DeLay's ethics problems (in the Fox Newsie way, that is):

Cavuto: "One of the things that a lotta folks on the outside don't realize is that given all the issues you've been dealing with, Congressman, ah, most people weren't aware of what you're doing in this regard. Does it bother you that lately all the press that's been on you have been the ethical scandals and everything else, and that they cover that non-stop." (What? What a bunch of turd blossoms rising out of Texas steer manure. The press has barely touched it!) DeLay, of course, said: "No, it doesn't bother me. The Democrats have no agenda, no ideas and the only thing they know to do is the politics of personal destruction. That doesn't bother us. We stay focused. We haven't looked for press, really, on this foster care system."

A few seconds later Cavuto asked whether "through this whole investigation," DeLay "ever contemplated resigning?" (What investigation Neil? Do you mean the one being conducted by the Texas DA or the one that DeLay's bought-off cronies in the House refused to hold?) DeLay, of course, said: "Not at all." He said the Republicans have a "wonderful agenda." He said that over the past 11 years the Republican majority has done a "fantastic job" doing "all kinds of good things for the country."

Cavuto then turned to Christina DeLay and asked her, "Does it bother you when your husband is criticized in the press?" She replied, "A lot. Yes, and I stay mad a lot. And I don't read the papers anymore. I watch Fox News pretty much, period." Cavuto said, "There are a lot of Democrats who want your husband's head on a platter." Christina DeLay said, "Oh, if I were a Democrat I probably would too because he beats them all the time."

End of hard hitting (again, just kidding!) portion and back to talk about how the DeLays are helping those poor kids.

Comment: Hey Neil, the next time DeLay's going to be on, give me a call. I'd like to propose a few questions for him. Like, when will there be an investigation by the House Ethics Committee into your ethics issues, Mr. DeLay? Or, Mr. DeLay, can Republicans retain a majority in the House without gerrymandering like you did in Texas? Or, how is it that the press is giving you a free pass on your "ethics scandals" Mr. DeLay? Or, why is President Bush protecting your buddy, Jack Abramoff, Mr. DeLay?

This segment was nothing but a rehabilitate-Tom-DeLay, bash-Democrats segment. Only on Fox. Fair and balanced.

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