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Successful Sub Rescue Doesn't Merit an ALERT on Fox

Reported by Nancy - August 7, 2005 -

When I signed on to the net shortly after 3:00am (EDT) today, I read that the 7 Russian sailors who had been trapped in a sunken sub had been rescued (yippee!). So at 3:15am (EDT) I turned on FNC, just to see how they'd cover this.

A rebroadcast of "Fox Report" was in progress. At 3:38am, Rick Folbaum read teasers including that they were following the story of the 7 trapped submariners (described as "running out of air"). At 4:00am, a rebroadcast of "Heartland" began. Finally, at 4:12am, Carol Iovanna read headlines that include the rescue.

According to the Aug 7 account in the LATimes, "The crew of a Russian mini-submarine trapped for days beneath the Bering Sea was rescued today after a remote-controlled British "Scorpio" underwater craft helped disentangle the vessel from cables and fishing ropes."

Comment: Fox News Live was all over this story last Friday, with much hullaballoo about how the US Navy was rushing to the rescue. But the rescue itself didn't merit even an interruption of a rebroadcast, much less an ALERT.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Fox's lack of coverage of the rescue, especially compared to Fox's earlier coverage of the potential tragedy). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.