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Hillary Smear Book Makes Comeback On Fox

Reported by Deborah - August 5, 2005

Ed Klein, author of The Truth About Hillary, appeared today on Fox & Friends. When the book was first released. it recieved a lot of negative attention in the press and even the most ardent Hillary haters kept their distance. Now, the dust has settled and Klein was given a chance to smear Hillary in the respectful and validating atmosphere of Fox. 8/5/05

Here are some of the Hillary smears viewers were offered.

1. Monica Lewinsky was responsible for Hillary's Senate victory. If she had not been seen as a victim, she would never have been accepted by New York voters.
(comment: Hillary Clinton worked for every vote in New York. I remember all the traveling she did throughout the state gaining support. In fact,her decision not to end her marriage because of the Lewinsky issue actually hurt her with New York voters.

2.Hillary knew about Monica all along because she had a watchdog placed outside the oval office giving her reports and keeping women away from Bill. Klein even named the woman.
( comment: Guess this so called watchdog did a rotten job keeping women away or reporting back)

3.Bill Clinton is even more reckless now. Klein claims that his car can be seen at the bottom of a certain woman's driveway every night with his secret service waiting outside.
(comment: What a sleazy rumor to spew from someone who keeps ranting about his journalistic integrity. The speculation is pure tabloid stuff and as always, none of his business. Just wondering why Bill Clinton would leave his easily recognized car at the foot of this woman's driveway with SS men in plain veiw? Since Klein has often said that their marriage is a political partnership, wouldn't Clinton be more discreet in light of the 2006 run? )

4. Hillary Clinton announced her ambition to become President when she was a young child.
( comment: It's hard to believe that he would even include that statement in his book. He actually has a picture of Hillary age 7 with that caption. Wow what shocking evidence against Hillary Clinton. It's too idiotic to even contemplate. I wanted to be the greatest ballerina that ever lived when I was seven. Wonder what Klein wanted to be?)

5. Klein said that Hillary was absolutely brilliant and praised her work as a Senator.
(comment: Excuse me, but isn't that all that really counts?)

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