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FNL's Balance? Somewhere to the Right of Genghis Khan

Reported by Nancy - August 5, 2005 -

Yesterday (8/4) on FNL it was all about a new tape from Zawahiri. David Asman & other Fox reporters & talking heads seemed really peeved by the fact that Zawahiri shook his finger during his rant, & Asman used the occasion to bash Saudi Arabia & Al Jazeera (both of which are ongoing targets at FNL). Marc Ginsberg (former US Ambassador to Morocco, Fox "foreign affairs analyst" & reactionary ideologue) displayed his undiplomatic skills with the use of phrases like "camel express".

Here's how the last hour of the program covered the Zawahiri tape:

12:00pm - David Lee Miller in London reported on a new tape from Zawahiri ("Al Qaeda #2") warning the US & UK to get out of Iraq. Miller including a snip from the tape & also noted that all tube lines in London are up & running; the first suspect in bombings was formally charged; & 14 other suspects are still being held

12:04pm - Mike Emanuel at the Pentagon reported on the authenticity of the Zawahiri tape that aired on Al-Jazeera, also including a snip from the tape. According to Emanuel, the tape "may be an attempt [by bin Laden & Zawahiri] to say 'hey, we're still in charge' ."

12:06pm - Asman interviewed Marc Ginsberg (Fox "foreign affairs analyst") about the Zawahiri tape. The interview rapidly degenerated into speculation about whether Al Jazeera is "working with" or if they "coordinate activites" with Al Qaeda. Ginsberg said "they [Al Jazeera] contiue to be the mouthpiece of Al Qaeda by putting these tapes on the air" & that "Al Jazeera reporters are conveniently around when Zarqawi attacks." Ginsberg also claimed that Al Qaeda leaders want to "create the appearance this is a hierarchical" org so they can claim responsibility. Ginsberg used the phrase "camel express" to describe how Al Qaeda gets its tapes distributed, & "virus infection" to describe Al Qaeda's ideology

12:11pm - teasers included: Zawahiri
12:17pm - teasers included: Zawahiri
12:27pm - teasers included: Zawahiri

12:34pm - Asman used the Zawahiri tape & the fact that UK police are on high alert as a hook to interview Peter Neumann ("terror analyst", King's College, London) about Haroon Aswat being the link between London bombers & Al Qaeda. According to Neumann, there is a "real chance that there is a third cell out there ... a whole network", there is "ALWAS a mastermind" because terrorists "need people with specific skills." Asman asked if there were "any progress in tracking the money trail?" & Neumann said there were "unconfirmed transfers of money from Saudi Arabia to the UK."

12:41pm - teasers included: Zawahiri
12:44pm - teasers included: Zawahiri
12:47pm - teasers included: Zawahiri
12:55pm - teasers included: Zawahiri

Comment: I guess it's about time I started compiling a database of how FNL attacks other media outlets (except, of course, reactionary rags & hate radio).

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's coverage of the Zawahiri tape). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.