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Racial profiling advocate gets podium on Fox News

Reported by Chrish - August 3, 2005

After yesterday's triple "statistical profiling" fest, the Brooklyn NY assemblyman who wants to legalize the practice was given over five minutes of airtime to promote his view that it is necessary.

Hume introduces the segment by commenting that NYC is probably the most liberal city in one of the most liberal states, so when the ACLU talks, Democrats there listen. The NYCLU opposes the "random" searches of baggage going on now in NYC subways and so does Hikind, Democrat Assemblyman from Brooklyn, but for different reasons.

Hikind calls on the police department to use "terrorist profiling" as one of the weapons in the war on terrorism. He finds the NYCLU position "amazing" in the face of the "imminent danger" New Yorkers face. He says the reality is that there are "people out there" who want to kill Americans in large numbers and the ACLU is not living in the real world. He wants to look at the "terrorist profile" based on the terrorist events that have happened since September 11. He counts the 19 perpetrators of 9/11 and the 15 responsible for the Madrid train bombings and the London bombings and failed attempts. Based on this sampling he concludes it is so obvious that they have certain things in common - they are young, they are Muslim, they are of Middle Eastern or South Asian background - and at this point Hume interjects, they are male . Hikind says that to ignore this fact in trying to avoid another catastrophe is nuts. He's not sying that if a group of 15 young Muslim men come into a station they should be searched, just that if a police officer thinks they should be. Said officer should not be worried about searching them all if that is what he "feels" is necessary. The world has changed; he would not have supported many aspects of the so-called Patriot Act before 9/11 but we learn from these tragedies. we need to get real. Random searches? Why waste time searching 80-year-old women; there have been no elders committing acts of terrorism in the past 100 years as far as he knows. (Comment: By this logic if there was a terror attack perpetrated tomorrow by another demographic besides the one he wants to target, the whole lot of them would immediately be suspect.)

He thinks being "politically correct" is nice, but not during the war on terror when people are in danger. Bombs don't differentiate who they kill so we need to be real about this and face the reality. If life is made a little difficult and a little more complicated for some people, well he's sorry, he really is. He wants to be sensitive, he wants to be understanding, but he also wants to live. He knows full well that no matter what we do or spend to protect citizens, there's no guarantee, but we've got to do our best.

Hume then says (and I give him credit for even bringing it up) "Some people would say" that's easy for you (Hikind) or me (Hume) to say, we're white guys thought more likely to be victims of terrorism than perpetrators ot it...not likely to have the kind of experience that African-Americans fear that they will have if your "terrorist profiling' (racial profiling) goes into effect. If we're looking for dark-skinned men who we imagine are of Middle Eastern descent and Muslims, are we not likely to end up with a lot of people hassled on the way to work who will end up feeling like they are "going to work while black"? or "trying to travel while black"?

Hikind replies that "we have no choice." It's very real out there. He has an Iranian son-in-law who gets that extra attention at airports. Hume asks how he (the s-i-l) feels about that, and Hikind says it's not pleasant but there is an understanding that we live in a world today. He'd like to see the Muslim community stand side by side with him and say they understand these are difficult time and there is no intention of directing anything against them (comment: except suspicion and fear), but the reality we cannot escape, we can't escape the profile of those who committed the "dastardly" acts of September 11. And looking at all the pictures, of all the young men who committed the acts, we have to act seriously.

Hume thanks him for coming on.

Comment: The bombs and fear are the tactics, but the goals are to disrupt our "freedom" and our way of life. The terrorists won this guy; he is terrified.
We all want to live but quality of life has to factor in. I feel sorry for this man and his obvious trauma.

Again, nobody to counter his point of view with an alternative view. No one to say "Live free or die", no one to say search everyone or no one, no one to say hey, life is dangerous. No one to say profiling is wrong, it's discriminatory, it's unconstitutional, it will only hurt us.

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