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John Bolton: Welcome to the U.N.

Reported by Janie - August 3, 2005

Yesterday (8/2) on Dayside, guest-host Steve Doocy conducted a short segment on John Bolton's appointment and his arrival at the U.N. Doocy turned the segment over to Fox Correspondent Eric Shawn:

"Three new Ambassadors presented their credentials to Kofi Annan today, the new Ambassador from Malaysia, the new representative from Uruguay (mispronounced, once again!), and oh yes, there was also John Bolton. He got an early start on the day, showing up to work at the U.S. missions, arriving this morning at about 7:30 then 3 hours after he came to check out his new offices, at the temporary mission, just 3 blocks from the United Nations, he came here to the secretary building for what's known as the presentation of the credentials."

Comment: During this portion of Shawn's reporting, Dayside showed a clip of Bolton walking into the secretary building that has been played on many other channels recently. There was one fundamental differece in this screening of the clip, there was no sound. If there had been sound used during this clip, Fox's audience would have seen that Bolton was booed while walking into building, but Fox chooses to shield their viewers from this voice of dissent.

Shawn continued: "The fact that he was not confirmed or had a vote in the Senate, doesn't matter to anyone here really, the Diplomats are telling me they don't care, seeing that as a domestic issue in America, because what counts here in 'U.N. World' is that the Diplomats have the confidence and faith of their boss, and that certainly is the case of Mr. Bolton with President Bush. One top U.N. official telling me 'look, a lot of these Diplomats are appointed by dictators, so what counts is only the fact that their head of state has confidence in them'.

Comment: Once again, someone on Fox is comparing the standards of the United States democracy with a dictatorship. Simply because something is done in a dictatorship, does not make it appropriate for the United States to follow!

Shawn concluded with: "Of course, Bolton has a lot on his plate here, dealing with UN reform, the scandal Oil-for-Food program, and in September during General Assembly meeting, when all the heads of state are here, what to do with Iran and North Korea, specifically their nuclear technology and the fact that both those nations, specifically Iran has supported terrorism and lied about their nuclear capabilities".

Comment: I'm not quite certain that Iran was lying about their nuclear program, it seems that it was the White House that were the ones fibbing in this case. According to the Washington Post, Iran is at least 10 years away from any viable nuclear program, which directly contradicts statements made by the White House asserting that Iran is "moving determinedly toward a nuclear arsenal", but they have offered no proof to back up this statement. President Bush is quoted as saying "all options are on the table." Considering Iran is at least 10 years away from anything viable, why would "all options are on the table"? Unless, of course, the White House is looking for a reason to go to war with Iran, with Fox making the case for the President to their viewers.

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