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Traitorgate - Who's Name is Mentioned? Not Roves

Reported by Donna - August 2, 2005

Yesterday, a report on Traitorgate on Studio B with Shepard Smith did not mention the name Rove, only Valerie Plame and Robert Novak.

Smith said that Novak is defending his disclosure of the name of the undercover CIA officer, Valerie Plame.

Well, finally, Fox was going to cover Traitorgate in full again -- not!

Smith went on to say that the revelation, of course, led to a federal inquiry into who in the White House leaked her identity. (Anyone placing bets?)

Smith said that Novak, in his syndicated column, admits that a former CIA official warned him not to release the name. But says the official never told him it would put anyone in any danger.

Smith finished the report by saying that Novak's role in that investigation and who his sources were still remains unclear to us. (Us = Fox?)

Comments: It's amazing that a segment can be devoted to Traitorgate and only Plame's and Novak's names are mentioned. They seem to have forgotten that Rove has already been named as a source by Mathew Cooper.

And, what's with Novak's dancing around the issue? He was warned from a CIA official about using her name but the CIA official didn't tell him it would put anyone in danger? This 'dancing around' the terms is a technique used before by the Bush administration -- and, now Novak is using it. I've heard better excuses from preschoolers.

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