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Spin This About Bolton - Will ya Please!?!

Reported by Donna - August 2, 2005

Watching Studio B with Shepard Smith today, I almost fell off my chair laughing at Eric Shawn and his coverage of John Bolton arriving at the U.N.

At first he said that you can tell a lot about how people really think about an organization by the grafitti that is written inside the offices.

Shawn said he saw the following written by someone on the walls inside the U.N. -- 'Beware, John Bolton is here.' (Comment: Um...Shawn, I don't think this is indicative of how people feel about the organization, but rather how they feel about John Bolton.)

After butchering the word Uraguay - Shawn pronounced it UraGRAY, he delivered his go-to line, (paraphrased) 'One top U.N. official telling me it's important that he (Bolton) was picked by the president and not the senate, because you'd better realize there are a lot of dictators, here in the United Nations, whose U.N. Ambassadors are picked by one man.

Shawn continued his segment saying September would be an important month for Bolton because that is when discussions would be held regarding North Korea and Iran on their nuclear programs. Shawn said that Iran denies having a nuclear program and Bolton is a sharp critic of theirs.

Comment: I found the last paragraph regarding Iran's supposed nuclear program to be extremely hilarious in light of the fact that shortly after this segment, Fox aired a segment on a new Intelligence Report, that just came out, that stated that Iran was 10 years away from developing a nuclear weapon. This is in sharp contrast to the White House's stance that Iran is 5 years away from developing a nuclear weapon. Yes, I'm sure Bolton will handle this case diplomatically, he's already disagreeing with the intelligence.

Now, as for Shawn's statement on 'a top U.N. official' told him 'it's a good thing the president chose the ambassador instead of the senate because there were so many dictators who chose this way', I found to be utterly funny, sad and so poetically true in Fox's case.

Isn't it nice that we had one person pick our ambassador, just like the dictators do?

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