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Speaking of "Balanced" -- Where's Traitorgate?

Reported by Nancy - August 2, 2005 -

Yesterday (8/1) on FNL David Asman was back, & so was the usual chaotic mix of ALERTs (for a Scott McClellan press briefing, no less), sleaze (female teacher accused of having sex with male student!), eye candy ("blast rocks racetrack in Michigan!"), celeb gossip (Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise). Hardly the "hard news" that is allegedly the focus of this program -- but the bonus, from a Foxian point of view, is that it allowed them to continue to ignore Traitorgate.

Here's how they divvied up the coverage during the last hour of the program:

12:00pm - Greg Kelly at the White House reported on Bush's recess appointment of Bolton as US Ambassador to the UN
12:21pm - ALERT - Scott McClellan (live) answering questions about Bolton
12:23pm - Asman interviewed Matthew Dowd (Bush-Cheney04) & former Senator John Breaulx (D-LA)
12:32pm - Eric Shawn at the UN reported on UN reactions to Bolton's appointment

"War on Terror" (or whatever they're calling it now)
12:02pm - David Lee Miller in London reported on concerns about a third possible attack & interrogations of suspects already in custody; according to Miller, the head of the UK's black police organization is on board with racial profiling
12:05pm - Asman reported that Australia is getting prepared for a potential terror attack
12:14pm - Asman interviewed Steve Pomerantz (former FBI chief of counter-terrorism)
12:35pm - Greg Burke in Rome reported that Italian police say Hamdi Isaac not part of a major terror group; Burke used the recent experience of a personal friend to assert that racial profiling has begun in Italy
12:51pm - Asman interviewed former Ambassador Stuart Eisenstadt
[Comment: note the repetition of claims that racial profiling is being used elsewhere, & everyone else is allegedly just fine with that]

King Fahd's death
12:06pm - Kelly Wright reported on King Fahd's death

Miscellaneous sleaze/tease
12:08pm - Asman did a series of short blurbs:
*sex scandal at Christian Brothers' Academy in NY State; front page of NYPost was shown without acknowledging that it is also a Murdoch-owned enterprise
*Scott Peterson's first public statement on a Canadian anti-death penalty website
*girl (first name only - Mackenize) in UT fights off a would-be kidnapper
*Lydia Rupp reunited with her mother
12:11pm - teasers: UK bombinginvestigations; "third wave of terror could be in the works"; could Al Qaeda be planning something" in the US?; is Michael Jackson moving out of the US? -- "wait'll ya hear about the new prporty"; weather
12:17pm - teasers: Bolton; space walk & possible shuttle problems; everybody "taking shots at" Tom Cruise -- "now ... Lauren Bacall's got something to say"
12:28pm - teasers: suspect in Rome; blast rocks racetrack in MI; dust storm in AZ/weather
12:37pm - Juliet Huddy gave a preview of Dayside
12:38pm - ALERT - NASA briefing (live) "Let's listen in"
12:39pm - teasers: could bombings like in UK happen here; "taking aim at the gun industry"; "huge dust cloud" in AZ
12:42pm - ALERT - Rafael Palmeiro suspended from MLB for steroid use
12:43pm - Adam Housely reported on a proposed ammo law in CA ("bullet stamping")
12:45pm - Asman reported on winds in AZ, then Janice Dean gave a weather report
12:47pm - teasers: "are we any better at rooting out homegrown terrorists?"; Bolton; MJackson's "new digs in the Persian Gulf"
12:56pm - teasers: MJackson; Bolton
12:50pm - ALERT - Rafael Palmeiro suspended from MLB for steroid use

Comments: FNL never did get around to the actual stories allegedly behind some of the teasers (MJackson, TCruise). But note how they managed to avoid any mention of the traitor(s) still working in the White House. Also note that the death of King Fahd got a superficial, 2-minute report while the suspension from MLB of Rafael Palmeiro got 2 ALERTs. FNL also allotted approximately the same amount of time to the NASA briefing & Juliet Huddy's preview of "Dayside". Yeah, that's balanced.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's "coverage" of Bolton, WOT, King Fahd, but avoidance of Traitorgate). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.