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Fox Hides Notorious Anti-Global Warming Corporatist Behind the Title, "Portfolio Manager"

Reported by Melanie - August 2, 2005

Steve Milloy Says Global Warming is a Myth "Propagated by the UN."

According to Reuters, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned today (August 2, 2005), that "the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season will be worse than previously expected." Fox News reporter Rebecca Gomez reported this in a short segment on Your World w/Neil Cavuto this afternoon. Gomez' segment was immediately followed by an interview Cavuto conducted with Steve Milloy, whom Cavuto identified as "the portfolio manager at Free Enterprise Action Fund."

Milloy said that "global warming is a myth. Global warming hysteria is junk science that is propagated by the UN, the European Union, radical environmentalists. You know," he continued, "the UN science behind global warming puts oil for food in the shade in terms of scandal." He said there is "no evidence at all that humans are having an adverse impact on climate."

Comment: Don't ya love it? Here's a guy who bashes the UN and environmentalists and Europe all in one. What a perfect Fox guest!

Steve Milloy has a long, long, LONG (Google him) history as a wingnut shill for corporations such as ExxonMobil, GM, Dow Chemical and Occidental Petroleum. Here's a brief description of his various projects from the Center for Media & Democracy's PR Watch web site. They say Milloy, "spent his life as a lobbyist for major corporations and trade organisations which have poisioning or polluting problems;" that "Milloy became involved in what became known as the 'sound-science' movement. Its most effective ploy was to label science not beneficial to the large funding corporations as 'junk';" and that Milloy opened the "Junkscience.com" web site, "which gave him an outlet to attack health and environmental activists, and scientists who published findings not supportive of his client's businesses."

Milloy is also an "adjunct scholar" at the ultra-conservative CATO Institute. (Edward Hudgins of the CATO Institute was also on Cavuto's show today. He advocated for the privatization of NASA.)

Maybe Milloy is the "portfolio manager" at the Free Enterprise Action Fund (their web site is down as I write and I couldn't find "ticker" initials for the fund to confirm it actually exists), but identifying him only as that was the mother of all decepive introductions on Cavuto's part. Don't believe a thing the guy says.

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