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O'Reilly Makes Hate To The New York Times While Yearning For An Old Enemy

Reported by Deborah - August 1, 2005

Bill O'Reilly thinks he has a lot of scores to settle in this corrupt world and tonight the NYT felt his searing anger supposedly for writing a negative article about Ed Klein, author of The Truth About Hillary. According to Bill, the New York Times will attack anyone who goes after Hillary Clinton. Klein's book is a pretty old story since the book has been out for awhile and everyone has written negative articles about him already so what was O'Reilly really so mad about? The answer is Al Franken. 8/01/05

Jane Hall, Fox contributor and professor at American U, would not allow O'Reilly to get away with his usual distortions. O'Reilly claimed that the NYT had written nine negative articles about Klein but Hall countered that the articles were news pieces explaining why the book is considered controversial. An annoyed O'Reilly claimed that the tone in the articles were negative and made it clear through his tone and body language that this was all he was going to say on that issue.

The truth started to emerge when O'Reilly stated that the New York Times doesn't like him and get their surrogates to smear people. Then he angrily declared that David Carr had written " a valentine for Stewart Smiley" in the New York Times. (O'Reilly refuses to mention Al Franken's name since his lawsuit against Franken was laughed out of court.) Bill told Hall that Air America is the most vicious media outlet adding "It's bombing, thank God."

Jane Hall who is accustomed to the civility of Fox Watch on Saturday, was getting a little annoyed with O'Reilly's angry fixation asking him why he didn't have Ed Klein on his show, if he thought the book was worthwhile. Bill didn't like that one bit and barked at Hall,
"I never said it was worthwhile! I'm honest that's the difference."
The segment ended after this outburst and Hall could be seen in the little box with a frozen smile plastered on her face. It was easy to imagine what she was thinking.

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