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Fox News: "Is it Time for Jimmy Carter to Just SHUT UP?!"

Reported by Melanie - August 1, 2005

Neil Cavuto, who Fox touts as its head honcho business news guy, opened his "business" show (yeah, right) like this today (August 1, 2005):

"Well, is Jimmy Carter's popping off about Gitmo while speaking abroad traitorous, and for our markets, potentially ruinous? Today, why a top Carter critic says he's gone from being nuts to now just dangerous."

Cavuto outlined some of the items he'd cover later in the show and then Fox played a video clip of former President Carter saying, "I think what's going on at Guantanamo Bay and in Abu Ghraib and other places is a disgrace to the United States of America."

Cavuto continued, "Is it time for Jimmy Carter to just shut up?! Today a look at comments he made abroad this weekend and why some say he's hurting our country's image and yes, maybe our country's stocks."

Cavuto introduced himself and continued again: "What in the world to make of former President Jimmy Carter? He is no fan of this President of course. Criticized the war in Iraq. Criticized the treatment of prisoners we had in Iraq and this past weekend criticized our prison facility at Gitmo, many of whose residents have sympathies and direct ties to Iraq." Whatever his views are, should a former President "be expressing them with a foreign audience as Carter did? Is it wrong?"

Next came radio talk show host, Steve Malzberg who was allowed to flail away at Carter: "I'm not happy. I think the only disgrace in this whole scenario is Jimmy Carter." Malzberg went on to say Carter wrote a speech for Yassar Arafat, he "supported and made supporting statements of Tito, Ortega, of Assad, of Kim Jung ll." Before the first Gulf war he "wrote every member of the UN Security Council urging them not to be part of the coalition. Jimmy Carter has this fixation, a fascination, with supporting terrorist regimes in the Arab world, no matter what."

David Corn, of The Nation magazine was Cavuto's other guest. Cavuto obviously didn't want Corn to talk about the content of Carter's remarks as Cavuto steered Corn back to his original question (which Malzberg got to ignore): I think "one can argue over some of the remarks that the President made but I'm wondering whether he should be making them abroad, more to the point."

Corn said in this Internet age, with instantaneous news updates and 24-hour cable news, he didn't think it made much difference where Carter made his remarks, and that he thought Carter was answering a question when he said what he said (Fox implied that Carter made his remarks in a prepared speech).

Cavuto interrupted, steering Corn back to whether Carter should say such things while overseas and Corn said the issue is whether "what he says is true or not, whether it's important or not."

The segment continued as Corn tried to bring the discussion around (unsuccessfully) to what Carter said, and Malzberg continued to bash him. At one point Cavuto wondered, "can we say he's a kindly kind of a kook?" and Malzberg said Carter, "also gets a lot of funding from Arab countries for his foundation."

Comment: You know where we're headed, right? Pretty soon no one will escape punishment if they speak out against this administration, whether their points are valid or not. Fox News is in the forefront on our march toward fascism, one of its characteristics being "suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship."

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