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Democrats are clearly the enemy on Fox

Reported by Chrish - August 1, 2005

Watching Special Report tonight, 8/01/05, I once again came away with the feeling that Democrats are what's wrong with America. Before any of our regular Bushites get too excited, know that I disagree wholeheartedly with the premise but can't deny the feeling imparted by Fox News. Viewers should not walk away from "real journalism, fair and balanced" feeling like they've just been told off.

Brit Hume, introducing the segment on the recess appointment of John Bolton, said that Bush clearly was reluctant to make the appointment but, concluding he had no chance of breaking the Senate Democrats' filibuster, he made the temporary appointment.

Carl Cameron reported, saying Bush sidestepped the gridlock. Bush, speaking haltingly, declared his Constitutional prerogative and did the deed. According to Cameron, "Democrats screamed foul." (his emphasis) He said Senate Minority Leader Reid "blasted" Bolton and accused Bush of abuse of power. (which he did). But, he said, Bush blamed Senate Democrats who "played politics" to block the nomination. What Bush actually said was "partisan delaying tactics by a handful of Democrats". Cameron said that Bush called Bolton "one of America's most talented and successful diplomats" though no video of Bush saying that was shown, so we don't know if that's another partisan paraphrasing by CCC or not. Cameron did say that Democrats couldn't disagree more, showing Senator Dodd calling Bolton "damaged goods" and Senator Bill Nelson saying he will be a lame duck, ineffective because of the conditions of his appointment. Scott McClellan was shown, saying Bolton has the full and complete confidence of the president. (Comment: Where have I heard that before? Oh, right, McClellan saying Karl Rove has the president's complete confidence, after it was widely known that Rove outed a covert CIA agent.)

Kofi Annan was shown making a diplomatic statement about welcoming Bolton, with a reference to the fact that Bolton is one ambassador among 190.

Back to the blatant undiplomatic hammering from Fox reporter Cameron, who said the Democrats complain that Bolton is too combative, and Republicans say if Dems are really concerned about diplomacy they should stop the bashing and let him get to work.

Comments: A newcomer to American politics would get the message from this reporting that Democrats are loud obstructionist whiners and Republicans are calm mature patriots who have to work around them. I know that's what the dittoheads who come here think, and I also know why.

Consider this: Bush making a recess appointment of a man who US Senators couldn't agree on is exercising his Constitutional prerogative. US Senators, after months of questions and requests for more information, were still too uncomfortable with the nominee to just let it go, so they took advantage of a procedure used for centuries. THEY are accused of gridlock, playing politics, etc while Bush, ever the victim, is lauded for doing what those nasty Democrats made him do reluctantly.

If he was truly a "uniter" he would reach out with moderate nominees and respect the subjects, er, citizens with a moderate or liberal point of view. He may have given reporters a thumbs up, but he is again giving us the finger with this radical crony.

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