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Jane Fonda Represents American Majority

Reported by Deborah - July 30, 2005

Jane Fonda is the favorite punching bag of the Right who insist on calling her "Hanoi Jane" while heaping on those tired accusations of treason because of her anti war activities during the Vietnam era. Fonda's candid and sincere apologies for some of her actions during that time over thirty years ago have been not been accepted by the extreme right who reserve their forgivness for such fine folks as Nixon, McCarthy, Randall Terry, Tom DeLay and many, many others.

Last night on H&C while Rich Lowry and Bob Dornan were doing their "hate Fonda" routine, Alan colmes made an interesting point. According to recent polls, the majority of people in this country agree with Fonda about the War in Iraq.

Jane Fondas plan to tour cross country in a van powered by vegetable oil to speak out against continued violence in Iraq prompted this segment. Jane Fonda bashing has been fairly steady on Fox and H&C since she published her memoirs earlier this year. Rich Lowry, in for Hannity, did the predictable intro using "Hanoi Jane" and showing clips of a very young Fonda thirty years ago in Hanoi. How many times have they shown these clips already?

Andrea Buffa from Code Pink was there on Fonda's side and Lowry opened with a very trite Hannity type question. He asked Buffa if she believed that the insurgents in Iraq were evil? Buffa responded perfectly, so if Hannity had been there he would have punished her with a barrage of some absurd question that would keep her from speaking.

Bob Dornan, a Fox regular during the 2004 campaign, was there to shout traitor at Fonda claiming that she should have been executed or at least imprisoned for a long time. Dornan once brought a burnt flag to H&C from a protest that he saved for thirty years and admitted to stalking John Kerry during a protest.

When Colmes announced the poll numbers that showed the majority of people thought the war in Iraq was a mistake, Dornan made a crazy comment." If there was a secret poll 98% would vote to keep her (Fonda) out of this."

comment: Jane Fonda will be joined on her tour by Iraq War Vets who are willing to speak out even though they will be heartlessly bashed like Fonda. I respect Fonda for doing this tour. She's in her 60's and has a bum knee which gives her a lot of pain. Financially independant and involved with her family, Fonda doesn't need to do anything at all but enjoy her life. Personally, I'm disgusted by everyone's need to batter this person who has always tried to use her celebrity to help people.

Also, just the ecological aspect of this tour is great. Do most people know that we could use vegetable oil instead of gasoline? It's time that we stopped hanging in the past and realize that oil is running out. Jane Fonda, over 60, is more enlightened, informed and proactive than anyone from the reactionary right who prefer to wallow in their moldy and useless anger.

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