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FOX News Spins John Bolton, Forgets About Karl Rove

Reported by Ellen - July 29, 2005

You could almost see the FOX News producers sweating as they tried to figure out how to report the breaking news during Hannity & Colmes about John Bolton's involvement in the phony uranium memo without tying him to the Karl Rove Traitorgate scandal. You have to give them an A+ for not only concealing the Rove connection but for distorting the forged memo issue, too.

Token FNC brunette Uma Pemmaraju and platinum blonde Molly Henneberg reported the breaking news that, despite his claims to the contrary during his confirmation process, UN Ambassador nominee John Bolton testified during a senate inquiry into the flawed intelligence that Iraq was trying to buy materials in Africa to produce nuclear weapons. It was that intelligence that Ambassador Joseph Wilson debunked in a New York Times Op-Ed piece shortly before his wife was outed as a CIA agent in a piece by Robert Novak. We now know that Karl Rove was one of the sources of the same leak to another reporter for Time.

Henneberg completely ignored the Karl Rove/Traitorgate connection and downplayed Bolton's oversight as one wrong answer. She reported, "On the questionnaire, Bolton said he had not been interviewed or provided information for any federal investigation in the past five years. But in a letter to the state department tonight, Democratic Senator Joe Biden said that Bolton was interviewed by the State Department inspector general on July 18, 2003 regarding Iraqi attempts to get uranium from Africa."

Newsflash for Molly Henneberg! Iraq's so-called attempts to get uranium from Africa are, at the very least, a matter of dispute. An AP report (FNC's own wire service) in the Washington Post states what has been generally known for several years, that "Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who was sent by the CIA in 2002 to check out the intelligence about Iraqi nuclear intentions,... could not verify it (my emphasis). Also ignored by "real journalism" FOX News was that "his public criticism of Bush's Iraq policy in July 2003 set in motion a chain of events that led to an ongoing criminal investigation and the jailing of a New York Times reporter who refused to cooperate with it."

Instead, Henneberg continued: "State Department spokesman Noel Clay said that 'when Mr. Bolton completed the forms during the confirmation process, he did not recall being interviewed by the State Department's Inspector General. Therefore, his form, as submitted, was inaccurate. He will correct it.'"

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