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Still Spinning the "9/11 Connection"

Reported by Nancy - July 28, 2005 -

Today (7/27) on FNL, Bob Sellers was in for David Asman. There were repetitive ALERTs & reports & teasers that the police in London had arrested someone who may be a suspect in the London bombings, & on the sentencing of the Millennium Bomber. Sellers had the dubious pleasure of introducing a new euphemism for the "War on Terror": "global battle against violent extremists" -- hardly the snappy mindless sound bite that lends itself to FNC's garish graphics. Sellers also had the misfortne to do a teaser/story combo that is an excellent illustration of one of FNC's sleazier tactics.

At 12:39pm (EDT) Sellers read teasers: London bombing suspect; police raid in NJ (one arrestee has same name as a 9/11 hijacker -- "is there a connection" to 9/11?)

At 12:42pm Sellers said that "steadfast police work" led to police raids/arrests in NJ & one of those arrested is named Mohammed Atta but "authorities now say they are not related". Sellers then interviewed Paul De Matteis (international security specialist).

Comment: The interview itself was unremarkable. But note the typical FNC technique:

*teaser implies connection to 9/11
*story that immediately follows announces that despite same name "authorities now say they are not related"

There is no way that FNC didn't already know that "authorities now say they are not related" when that teaser was read (only minutes before the report itself actually aired). They do this deliberately, knowing that at least some viewers will remember only the teaser. Technically, of course, FNC didn't *claim* there was a connection. Nope, they just *asked* if there was one -- knowing full well that there wasn't. Can you say "Saddam & Al Qaeda"?

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (hyping the phony 9/11 connection as a typical FNC tactic). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.