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Fire, Fire, Fire, and the Patriot Act

Reported by Donna - July 28, 2005

Today on Studio B the coverage was all fire, fire, fire. The chemical fire in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area consumed most of the show.

They had a few breakaways (briefly) and on one of them spoke with Jeff Andicott, an assistant professor at St. Mary's University, who is also the Director for the Center of Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University.

The conversation was brief, but long enough for him to get in his talking points about the Patriot Act and to spread a little fear.

While speaking about the capture of the alleged July 7th bombing's leader, Haroon Rahsid Aswat, Andicott raved about what a coup this was for the London police.

This created a segue for Andicott to speak about the Patriot Act. His statements, paraphrased but pretty much verbatim:

"The London Bombings remind us that the war on terrorism is real and the government, though they've done a great job protecting us since 9/11, that sleeper cells and advocates of terror are amongst us in this country.

And that's why I think the passage of the Patriot Act, that the House just voted on, a fairly large vote in favor of the extension, rather, on two of the provisions for up to 10 years and the rest of them permanent, is extremely important.

Because we need to give our law enforcement the tools to break up these sleeper cells or we're going to see what occurred in London happen here on our shores also."

Comments: The substitute host (who's name was never given and I had never seen before - oh, Fox and their professionalism -- no it wasn't Rick Folbaum or Greg Kelly or Jane Skinner) then cut off Andicott (He had done his job on giving out the talking points on the Patriot Act and even managed to get in the fear factor, also) to go back to the fire.

Do you get it? The fire took up practically the whole show with a few short stories snuck in. The real message is that we all had better go along with the Patriot Act or the bombings that are happening in London will begin happening here. Did Fox's fear factor scare you? Do you think the Patriot Act will protect you?

We report, you decide. Have a great weekend, all.

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