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Racial Profiling - Let's Do It!

Reported by Nancy - July 27, 2005 -

Juliet Huddy was back on Dayside yesterday (7/26) with a vengence! She conducted a segment concerning the security of mass transit in the United States, and specifically the searches that are taking place in the New York subway system. She spoke with former CIA analyst Wayne Simmons and Wade Connelly, from the American Civil Rights Institute.

Huddy questioned Simmons first:

JH: "Â…Profiling, does it matter?"

WS: "Oh, it absolutely matters, and as I've been on the record of saying in the past, it's long overdue. Profiling works (loud audience applause). I can tell you unequivocally Juliet, that it works from past experiences when I was working with the cartels, I knew exactly who to look for, what to look for, and we were very successful. Today we just happen to know that certain ethnic groups, may, may be involved in terrorism, and certainly they should be afforded a little more attention, it doesn't mean that we neglect any other nationality, but it certainly means that we've to continue to make our airports and our railways safer, and profiling does that." (applause again)

Huddy asked Connelly: "What does profiling mean to you?"

WC: "It means to me that you're going to pull over all black people, for example, and all black people are not alike. (Audience BOOED) There are some that are light and some that are dark, different hair texture. I think if you describe people and then you develop a profile based on that description then most of us will have no objection with that. The problem often is that the term racial profiling means that we categorize people into a certain classification and then we pull over everybody that is in that general classification rather than fitting the description that we're looking for."

WS: "No, Juliet, that is certainly not what's happening. Understand this, the terrorists don't care if you're black, white, green, blue or purple. Their sole purpose in life is to kill us, and so therefore, what people like Mr. Connelly need to do is distance themselves from the constant reminder that profiling only pertains to blacks people. We're not looking to do that, that's not what this means. What this means is that a black police officer is looking for a terrorist and if he believes that that man of Middle Eastern descent under 30 happens to look like a possible terrorist, or even if not, he needs to be pulled over!"

Comments: This may have been one of the most disturbing segments I have seen on Dayside to date. Simmons completely spins what Connelly has said, making the issue about African-Americans rather than about terrorism. He claims that they are not looking to profile blacks by saying "that's not what this means". Then, from the other side of his mouth, he makes a case for doing it to Middle Easterners, and that's ok!

Fox is now promoting the idea of racial profiling, and allowing the viewer to think that this is an appropriate solution, while it causes the American people to now be suspicious of every single Middle-Eastern person in the country. Simmons is in favor of pulling over and questioning every male under 30 of Middle Eastern descent whether they "look like a possible terrorist, or even if not, he needs to be pulled over!" His comments were received with loud, raucous applause from the audience. Huddy said nothing to deter Simmons, or call out his racist opinions and ended the segment abruptly with no response allowed from Connelly. Absolutely disgusting.

Reported by Janie