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FOX News Priorities: One Missing White Girl More Important Than A Supreme Court Nominee Or A Traitor In The White House Compromising National Security

Reported by Ellen - July 27, 2005 -

Last night, the entire second half of Hannity & Colmes was devoted to the "breaking news" about a lake being drained in Aruba as part of the search for Natalee Holloway. There were several FOX News Alerts on the same subject throughout the first half of the show. A discussion on the role of religion in Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' life and legal decisions received a fraction of the time. There was absolutely no mention of Traitorgate though it's obviously an important issue to Alan Colmes because he hosted Ambassador Joseph Wilson on his radio show immediately following H&C.

It's not like there hasn't been news in the Traitorgate story. On Monday, Associated Press reported that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card that the Justice Department had opened an investigation, then waited 12 hours to tell anyone else at the White House. Can you say paper-shredder? But that news went unreported while Sean and Alan and Jug and Beth Twitty, Natalee's mother and stepfather, analyzed the fine points of the Aruban investigation and whether or not it has been thorough enough.

Of course, the extended time gave Sean ample opportunity to show off his detective skills. "There's a couple problems I have with this (new witness') report. I believe it's probably accurate. This person has come forward late but we know that they lied on this point so that might help them. Can we (my empahsis) check phone records? Can we check the time of the chat that they had on IM? Have they been forthcoming in any of those ways to help you? ...Have we gotten any word back on those samples at all? ...Do we want to go back to the issue, revisit the issue of these two brothers which have been released here and yet we know that they lied and we know they obstructed? At this point in time, isn't it time to revisit their involvement in this case?"

Sean wasn't the only legal expert, of course. Jug and Beth were ready as ever to express their superiority over the Arubans and their sense of entitlement to dictate legal procedures. Once again, Beth revealed that she doesn't need a trial to know whether or not someone is guilty when she said, "We've been looking to - if I could use this term - to nail (my emphasis) the three (suspects) together at that time and so this would be huge..."

Jug said, "I think you need to question the father. I will say until we find an end to it that he's somehow involved in this... I'd like to see him, at least Deepak, re-arrested... These guys are involved."

Colmes asked if there was other evidence besides duct tape and hair because "everybody's anxious to know as much we can about this." Comment: No, not EVERYBODY, Alan.

As the Twitty's were signing off, Hannity told the couple, "I know a lot of people are hopin' and prayin' for a quick resolution for you guys." Comment: Yes, I'm definitely one of those. I can't wait to be done with this story.

When the Twitty's finally departed, there was a few minutes of chit-chat with Sean and Alan praising the "remarkable" "back-bone" of the Holloways. No mention of why their daughter ran off with strange boys in the first place or why she wasn't properly chaperoned. All that "back-bone" is splendid when it's aimed at the Arubans. If the Twitty's were a couple with a daughter missing in action in Iraq, going up against the White House for information, I have a feeling they wouldn't get one minute of air time on FOX News.