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Shepard Smith Is Ticked at Government Interference

Reported by Donna - July 25, 2005

Just a short news blurb had Shepard Smith up in arms today. It seems that there is a possible bill pending in New Jersey that states that people will be unable to smoke in their cars while driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. People who are caught will be fined $250. It's not for health reasons, but for safety reasons.

Smith, who seemed to have his usual sugar fix, flipped out. He wanted to know how much government interference should we have? He wanted to know what happens when they say you can't have a McDonald's Big Mac or Pepsi in your car? He said, what about the radio? What if they ban radios from cars? What will happen to radio? How about passengers? Will they be required to be quiet?

He asked Fox legal analyst, Arthur Aidala (you might remember him from the Michael Jackson Trial) how much government interference was going to be enough?

Aidala reminded him that it wasn't so long ago that the government was in our bedrooms, what made him think our cars were out of bounds? He said that Antonin Scalia had told him that a military compound is safer than the general public, but at a military compound they can pound down your door.

Smith said that we could also be safer if we changed all of the speed limits to 30 mph. And Smith ended the segment by saying they had better not outlaw eating chocolate covered raisins in the car.

Comment: Just a little levity for you all to think about today . Or not -- maybe that Scalia analagy that Aidala pointed out will soon come true - big brother may be knocking down your door. In our world of war, poverty, disease and crime, and yes, Traitorgate, the government is now going to make sure you are 'at attention' when you are driving your car - and, don't even think about chewing gum and driving! And, maybe we could save several thousand lives by lowering the speed limit to 30 mph. We report - you think - the government decides.

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