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Marvin Kalb: Read This

Reported by Melanie - July 25, 2005

Former CBS News correspondent Marvin Kalb was a guest on Fox's Saturday "business news" program, Cavuto on Business. Kalb, a low-key, thoughtful man who the right claims is a raving lunatic liberal, was on to discuss Cavuto's theory that the media is biased and only reports bad economic news. Cavuto contends the economy is humming along, firing on all cylinders due to Bush's brilliant economic policies, but people don't realize it because of "media bias."

Having one "liberal" guest on for approximately every 30 conservative ones does not a "fair and balanced" channel make, but Fox has had some success in convincing its audience that it does (see below). However, don't think for a minute that Cavuto lets the words of a "liberal" guest stand. No siree. If he doesn't annihilate the person during the interview, he stabs them in the back after they leave.

Today (July 25, 2005), at the end of Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Cavuto read six emails about Kalb's Saturday appearance. Here they are:

Please give Marvin a happy pill. What a sour, dull person! If I wanted to hear a liberal monotone, I would listen to NPR.

In Marvin Kalb you were able to find a gust who knows less about economics and business than Bob Beckel.

It is good that you're fair and balanced, but that doesn't mean you should be fair and stupid.

Having a well respected, very intelligent, articulate liberal like Marvin Kalb adds to the depth of your show and demonstrates the fair and balanced advertising slogan.

We enjoyed Marvin Kalb's inaugural appearance on Cavuto on Business. However, did you pick out his shirt and tie?

Your constant interruption of your guests makes you the rudest, most arrogant person to your guests on the entire network. Your inclusion of Marvin Kalb about made me throw my shoe at my TV. If I was CEO of Fox News, you would be fired in a New York minute.

Comment: As I've said before, Fox is a well oiled machine. No "liberal" voice goes unanswered. Fox doesn't want its viewers to ponder anything a "liberal" says so it discredits "liberals" either during interviews, or afterward. Still, viewers like those above, continue to think that featuring the occasional, albeit discredited "liberal," means Fox News is "fair and balanced."

NOTE @ 9:27 p.m ET: "Some say" (below) that Kalb is a Fox News "employee." Why then isn't he listed on Fox's bio page with Fox's other "employees" (like Michael Barone and David Corn)? I wonder too why Wesley Clark, another Fox News "employee," is missing. Is Fox dissing some of its "liberal" "employees" in yet another way - by not listing them on its bio page?

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