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Still Trying to Ignore Traitorgate

Reported by Nancy - July 24, 2005 -

Friday night (7/22) on Special Report, Brian Wilson was in for Brit Hume & the program was one long exercise in distraction. There wasn't a single mention of Karl Rove, Valerie Plame or the Senate hearing.

Here's a brief overview of what Special Report thought was important for viewers to know:
*the London bombings are still being investigated
*Bush spoke in Atlanta
*Rice spoke in Beirut & later there was a bomb there
*Roberts's SCOTUS nomination
*Fidel Castro attended Elian Gonzalez's 6th grade graduation
*the USA PATRIOT ACT is swell
*there were terror attacks in & around Baghdad
*the Pentagon says Iraqis are not yet ready to fight on their own
*the US military is making efforts in "sowing the seeds of democracy" in Iraq
*right-wing Israeli settler protested the Gaza withdrawal
*Roberts's SCOTUS nomination (again)
*the USA PATRIOT ACT is swell (again)

General comment: Why no Rove? For a bunch of folks who get all tied up in knots over "national security", they're awfully nonchalant over "someone" undermining it if that "someone" is a "senior official" in the Bush administration. WHY NO ROVE?

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (any of the above topics, or the lack of Rove). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.