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There is NO Voice of Dissent!

Reported by Nancy - July 23, 2005 -

Guest host Mike Jerrick was filling in again on Dayside yesterday (7/22) and spent much of the show discussing the second wave of terror attacks on London's transit system. He conducted a short-segment on how the US is responding, specifically the searching of people's bags on the New York City transit system. He turned the segment over to Fox Correspondent Julie Banderas, who was live at Penn Station in New York.

Banderas gave a short synopsis on how the NYPD is handling the situation (searching bags) and then stated: "Staphangers we've been speaking to don't seem to mind" [Straphanger refers to a passenger who grips a hanging strap or similar device for support while riding on a bus or subway; sometimes it is used to refer to anyone who uses public transportation.] She then interviewed two people that actually do not mind being searched.

Comments: Fox is showing a very one-sided view of the story, neglecting to mention that there is actually a voice of dissent in the situation. According to the Village Voice a group of people have begun wearing shirts that read "I do not consent to being searched". Fox does not mention this form of protest, allowing the viewer to believe that everyone is accepting the situation, and there is no form of opposition from the people that could potentially be subjected to a search.

Reported by Janie