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Fox Doesn't Inform. It Inflames.

Reported by Melanie - July 22, 2005

Thursday's Your World w/Neil Cavuto was wall-to-wall terror. It consisted of thirteen segments or reports about terror or terrorists. Highlights were Bernard Kerik on the need to get used to terror (I thought we were fighting them over there); Harvey Kushner on the need to begin racial profiling (let's be honest, it's religious profiling (Muslims)) to prevent terror; a conservative member of the House of Lords on tracking Muslims in Britain to prevent terror, and a segment (the four zillionth) on tracking the "terror money trail."

Today (July 22, 2005) was essentially the same, with ten segments or reports on terror. There was a report from London on terror and one from Penn Station in New York City on searches and terror. There was another discussion about racial profiling to prevent terror. Three NYC commuters discussed how scared they are. We heard about terror's affect on the markets. There was a "Fox Stox" segment in which the five or six companies profiled all produced surveillance equipment. And finally, Cavuto's Common Sense "analysis" was about being vigilant:

One London terror expert said to keep an eye out for folks with shifty eyes.

Meanwhile, as people talked, Fox showed video. Video of the blown-up bus in London; of stretchers and ambulances and people running in London; of the blown-up trains in Madrid; of NYC on 9/11. There was video of panicked people in Jerusalem; sniffer dogs searching luggage; guards holding rifles patrolling a train station; people getting on and off subway trains, and fire trucks racing through streets. These images were shown over and over and over again, sometimes full screen, sometimes split-screen. Over and over again for an hour there was talk of terror and video of terror.

At the end of the shows, I hadn't learned anything. But, I wasn't supposed to learn anything. I was supposed to feel. I was supposed to feel anger -- anger toward Middle Easterners and anger toward Muslims. I was supposed to be angry at wimps (Democrats and the ACLU) who aren't ready to kill on sight and bomb Mecca. I was supposed to seethe.

Fox doesn't inform, it inflames.

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