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Don't Ask Questions, and John Roberts is Jesus

Reported by Nancy - July 22, 2005 -

On Dayside on Wednesday (7/20) guest host Mike Jerrick spent most of the show discussing President Bush's Supreme Court nominee, John Roberts Jr. He conducted a brief interview with Judicial committee member Orrin Hatch (R-UT) on his feelings about the nomination and how he feels the confirmation will go.

Hatch stated: "He should not, under the canons of judicial ethics, he should not answer questions on any issue that possibly would come before the Supreme Court. Otherwise, he would be foretelling how he would vote on those issues, then they would hold that against him. It's a little bit like Biblical Pharisees, who basically, you know, were always trying to undermine Jesus Christ. It goes on the same way of thinking, if they can catch him in something that they can then criticize, then the outside groups will go berserk and that's what drives this."

Comments: Hatch is stating that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts Jr. should not be forced to answer any questions on issues that he may eventually have to rule on. Is that not the point of the confirmation process, to see exactly that? Hatch is asking that the Senate blindly confirm Roberts without understanding his politics or where he stands on the issues without discussion. Could there be a reason that Bush has picked someone with only two years as a judge, no real record, and now the Republicans are out in force demanding that he not be asked questions on important issues? Something to hide, maybe?

Hatch then continues by comparing John Roberts to Jesus and the Democrats to Pharisees. Is John Roberts perfect? Is John Roberts a God? Is Orrin Hatch claiming that through the ideological battle that looms the Democrats (or Pharisees) are going to kill (crucify) John Roberts (which the Pharisees were largely responsible for)? This comparison is disgusting, and only on Fox is a Senator free to compare Democrats to biblical murderers without any correction or outrage. The segment concluded with Hatch's statement, and there was no "fair and balanced" debate on the matter, nor did anyone comment on Hatch's hateful remarks.

Reported by Janie