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The Legal Opinions Of Sean Hannity - No Judge Or Jury Needed!

Reported by Ellen - July 21, 2005

I still can't find any evidence of Sean Hannity having any kind of legal or forensic background but in just the few weeks that I have been monitoring Hannity & Colmes, he has arrived at quite a variety of verdicts on everything from the Aruba investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance to what constitutes treason. With Hannity on the case, who needs the legal process except as a vehicle to follow up on his pronouncements?

On July 12, Hannity sarcastically complained that "I love that now the Clinton defenders and the Berger defenders are out there calling Karl Rove treasonous and finding him guilty without a trial but that doesn't surprise me."

A few days later, however, on July 15, Hannity seemed to have dispensed with the need for a trial when he arrived at the following judgement: "It's clear that by any objective measure Karl Rove is going to be in the clear - by any objective measure." Similarly, three days later, Hannity demonstrated again his uncanny command of the legalities: "Clearly if you talk to the people that offered the law, there's no crime that was violated in any way shape, matter or form here."

The case of Natalee Holloway, the teen who disappeared in Aruba, has proved quite a showcase for Sean's detective and legal abilities. Last night, July 20, offered him another chance to demonstrate the range and scope of his Sherlockian skills:

Hannity's tips for how the Aruban police should conduct the investigation: "I want them to release whatever evidence they have. I want to see the inconcsistencies and I want an answer why they would have allowed these brothers out, knowing these guys have obstructed and lied... We know that they should have done (the DNA test) earlier here but the reason I doubt it's connected to this duct tape and these hair samples is - wasn't that duct tape found on the northeast coast - in other words, the opposite side of the island from where Natalee was last seen in public? That concerns me."

Hannity's assessment of the Aruban legal investigation: "I feel there's been ineptness and corruption on a level that I've never seen in my adult life."

Comment: If only Hannity would apply his investigatory prowess to the ineptness and corruption in Iraq but he has not, as far as I have seen, evidenced an iota of interest in discussing the details of the debacle there.

Hannity's analysis of the evidence: I don't understand... they had already taken the Kalpoe brothers' DNA and now they're just taking Joran's. If it's not gonna be related to the tape - and I don't think anyone can come to the reasonable conclusion it is, then the question arises... what other possible physical evidence could there be for them to do at this date? It just doesn't make sense to me."

Jug Twitty, Holloway's stepfather, had a number of opinions of his own about the way the Arubans and the suspects' parents should be behaving. But, unlike Hannity, at least Holloway has a personal involvement and a personal stake in the case. But then Twitty must have reckoned that if Hannity can be a legal expert, then he (Twitty) could be a pundit. As Alan Colmes was ending the segment, Twitty interrupted to say, "I want to tell you that my president, George W. Bush, did make a good decision (about the Supreme Court)."

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