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O'Reilly & Goldberg and The Art of " Shut Up"

Reported by Deborah - July 21, 2005

Bernard Goldberg came crying to Bill O'Reilly that he was ambushed last night on the Donny Deutsch Show on CNBC. Goldberg agreed to debate with a panel of people on both sides of the issue but he claimed to O'Reilly that everyone was against him, five against one. Goldberg claimed to have post traumatic stress syndrome from the horrible ordeal.

Actually, I saw the show on CNBC and that's not how it happened at all. Goldberg was scheduled to appear with O'Reilly last night but he was cancelled because O'Reilly said he needed to do more research. Guess he had to get the clips edited that showed Goldberg telling the panel to shut up and the edited montage looked a lot like the one in Outfoxed showing Bill O'Reilly doing the same thing.7/21/05

Goldberg made three charges aginst Deutsch and the panel on CNBC.
1 He was mislead about the panel.
I heard Deutsch mention in his intro of the panel that everyone disagreed with Goldberg and wanted to ask questions.

2 All 5 people had not read the book.
This was true. However the questions were asked about certain people he bashed in the book. Specific facts were raised and it was obvious that everyone had spent time reading separate entries. After all, this book is not an intricate piece of literature or a researched cultural study. Everytime Goldberg was asked a question he didn't like, he acted like the answer would be obvious to anyone who had read the book.

3 Edited the tape.
I don't know but it's hard to imagine what they would have taken out that would have changed the impression given to viewers.

Goldberg just couldn't take the questioning. He was very defensive, annoyed and unwilling to open up to the idea that people were offended by his book. Goldberg lost it and pulled an O'Reilly telling them to shut up rudely and then became more annoyed when everyone found it offensive. He was completely rude and unwilling to answer the questions directly.

O'Reilly was understanding sharing his own experience with Al Franken claiming that he was driven to his "shut up" by Franken.Seems that Bill's post tramatic stress from his experience with Franken is so extreme that he can't bare to mention his name. Then he shared his walk off from the Terry Gross Show, of course, blaming Gross for the incident.

It obviously never dawned on Goldberg to take any responsibility for the CNBC experience. He just kept raving on about how "the cultural elite liberals always behave this way. These people are nasty".

Goldberg was asked last night why O'Reilly wasn't on his list? He had no answer. He was also asked why he had appeared on Fox 8 times to plug the book. He danced around that too. You can be sure that those clips were not in O'Reilly's little montage.

comment: We're all sick of this Goldberg story yet it's compelling at the same time. Maybe it's Goldberg's unbelievable gall and total inability to put himself in someone elses place. Does he even realize that 100 people have been brutally insulted by his book. He had no right to humiliate these people and then parade around Fox collecting kudos. This book was nasty and cruel and yet he accuses the "liberal elite" of being mean.

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