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After Days Off - Shepard Is Behaving Again

Reported by Donna - July 21, 2005

While monitoring Shepard Smith on Studio B regarding the Rove scandal, I've given Shepard brownie points for asking the tough questions. One example was when he was questioning Tom Delay regarding the Rove scandal last week on Studio B.

Now, after being off all week (was it a 'forced' vacation?) Smith has settled down and gotten back on message. Today he interviewed former FBI agent, Harold Copus, asking if we were winning the war against Al Qaeda.

Smith asked Copus that, if this was Al Qaeda, were they unsuccessful in the London bombings today? (Good softball question, on message) Copus said they were successful in getting around all of the upgraded security and in their ability to cause fear.

Smith then asked him that with all of the talk on Capitol Hill about us winning the war against terror and the talk that Al Qaeda may be fractured, were we indeed winning the war on terrorism? (Another lob)

Copus said he didn't think we were winning the war necessarily, that we have to be able to get to the financial network of Al Qaeda and then they wouldn't be able to strike back without that flow of money.

Comment: Smith seems to have settled down after his vacation, (which wasn't explained as they sometimes do) there were no stories or hard questions about the Rove scandal, or any other segment. And, he was right on message when he asked if, indeed, we were winning the war against terrorism.

Copus was right in his assessment of cutting off the financial networks of Al Qaeda. Without the money flow, this does keep them from striking back.

Which begs the question, why are we fighting a war in Iraq? Why do we have so few troops in Afghanistan where we've been told that the poppy production is up and running at record rates? This heroin crop translates into tons of money for the Al Qaeda terrorists, who, reportedly, are still training in Afghanistan.

It also begs the question - what have we done to help strengthen homeland security, here in the United States?

Shepard Smith, no more vacations for you, we like the tough questions.

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