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We Don't Need No Stinky Europeans

Reported by Nancy - July 19, 2005 -

Today (7/19) on FNL, David Asman continued his campaign to offend every other country on the planet. This time, he managed to insult an entire continent, & his excuse was "the environment".

First, as usual, there was the set-up:
*12:46pm (EDT) - teasers included: are some countries "just getting dirtier?"
*12:54pm - teasers included: "Europeans talk a lot about cleaning up the environment, but have they actually been getting dirtier?"

At 12:57pm Asman launched into his "Observer", which was one long sneer. According to Asman, a new study has "knocked some wind out of the sails" of Euro environmentalists, who "think they're cleaner than we are" because they've signed the Kyoto Protocol. This study allegedly shows that "greenhouse gas emissions up 1.5%" in Europe but, Asman gloated, such emission are up "only half that" in the US.. Asman said that "Kyoto worshippers are a bunch of hypocrites" but, not satisfied with those insults, added that "it's not just the air", then went on to rhapsodize about how the US has cleaned up the Potomac & Hudson Rivers, but the Thames is "choked" with pollution. So the "pious Euro crowd" is "keeping things as stinky as ever" & they should clean up their own act before they lecture us.

At the end of the segment, Asman invited viewers to email comments. Please do: feedback@foxnews.com.

Comments: "The environment" rarely gets mentioned on FNL. When it does, it's usually to bash someone -- greens, "eco-terrorists", scientists. Asman hasn't made the environment (ours or anyone else's) a big issue in the past. I suspect that the EU's newly proposed rules tightening air pollution controls for 4-wheel-drive vehicles, as well as European criticism of the US for blocking environmental initiatives at the recent G-8 summit, played at least contributing roles in his decision to attack the entire continent as "dirtier" & "stinky."

Of course Asman neglected to mention that the Kyoto Protocol has only been in force since February 2005, so it's a tad early to be drawing any conclusions about it.

Question: Why isn't this segment labelled "OPINION"? Fox has a lame banner or graphic for nearly all its segments (think WAR ON TERROR, or the ubiquitous ALERT). Why not this one?

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Asman's insults, the environment, Kyoto protocol). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.