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Morning Morph Of Rove Defense On Fox

Reported by Deborah - July 19, 2005

The Fox Friends shifted their focus today from the validity of the leak to the question of what Bush actually said about firing a leaker. A statement Bush made on 9/30/03 that he would fire a leaker only if a law had been broken was repeated throughout the show. Very few talking points from yesterday survived and a debate between Ellis Hennican and Rich Lowry took a different direction.

During one of the chat periods the daily talking points were clearly laid out for viewers.

1. Two statements from GW Bush were discussed.In 2003, he claimed that he would only fire a law breaker and in 2004, he stated that he would fire a leaker.
2. How could it be proven that Rove was really the leaker?
3. Judith Miller is having a hard time in jail and the food is making her sick. It was mentioned that she tries to watch Fox for news but her cellmate prefers hip-hop.
4. Matt Cooper initiated the topic in his conversation which somehow makes it his responsibility.

Ellis Hennican opened by joking that a leaker won't be fired until he is convicted and all his appeals are exhausted. Hennican made the obvious point that if someone messes up at work, they get fired. Lowry responded that Scott McClelland has been sloppy and possibly dishonest in his statements acknowledging that there is ambiguity about the firing issue. He added that Rove did nothing wrong talking to reporters and the firing won't happen.

Concerning Plames covert status, Hennican stated that if she were not covert, the CIA would have come forward with that information. Lowry thought that if Joe Wilson was concerned about his wife, he shouldn't have written an Op Ed in the New York Times. When Hennican mentioned that the outing was a payback, Lowry defended that tactic saying,

"Who wrote the rule that Joe Wilson gets to attack the Bush Administration?"

comment:There message today was essentially that it's all over and comes down to the question of firing.The possibility of another leaker and the possibility that Judith Miller might crack in jail and was a Fox watcher, code Republican, was interesting. Quite a different scene today compared to the recent past like yesterday,when Peter King, R. NY was a guest spreading lies and calling Wilson a pathological liar.

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