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"Bush Speaks, We Spew"

Reported by Nancy - July 19, 2005 -

On Dayside yesterday (7/18), guest host Juliet Huddy interviewed Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) on his opinion of Bush's upcoming Supreme Court nominee.

Huddy states: "It's interesting, the President had his radio address yesterday, he reminded us in this radio address of the confirmations of two Clinton judges, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer, and he pointed out that despite philosophical differences, he pointed out, quote 'Republican Senators in large numbers voted for confirmation'. Now this is not just a friendly reminder, is it? This is basically a message to Democrats."

Comment: Huddy quotes Bush's comments, but neither Huddy nor Bingaman explain why this statement is false and another form of spin coming out of the White House.

Neither Justices appointed by Clinton (Breyer and Ginsberg) were his first choices. According to Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT and at the time the ranking minority leader on the Judiciary Committee), Clinton called to discuss which justices he had been considering for the position, and took Hatch's advice as to which judges would be easy to get confirmed, and whom the Republicans would approve of. Clinton ultimately decided against his initial nominees and eventually appointed those there were acceptable to the Republican Party.

Another reason that Clinton's judicial nominees were approved much more quickly than Bush's is due to the fact that many of his nominees were simply stopped in committee and were never allowed a floor vote, and Clinton eventually withdrew his controversial nominees in favor of ones that were more suitable to the Republicans.
Neither Huddy nor Bingaman mention the reasons for the relatively easy confirmations of Clinton's nominees and the audience was allowed to believe that the Republicans "played fairly" and that any issue over the upcoming nomination(s) is nothing more than the Democrats playing politics, rather than the Republicans refusing to compromise.

Reported by Janie