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The Case of the Missing Journalistic Integrity

Reported by Nancy - July 18, 2005 -

Friday (7/15) on Dayside, guest host Mike Jerrick conducted a short segment on the state of the media and the onslaught of certain missing people cases. He interviewed Kelly Jalkowski whose 19-year-old son has been missing since 2001,

MJ: "Why don't you think that this has been covered nationally or internationally?"
KJ: "All of our media, whether it be the national or the local, has a responsibility to look and see what other cases there are and there are thousands upon thousands. Every time that Natalee's story has been on, those local media stations, they have had an opportunity to look and see who are the missing persons available in their area and lead right into showing photos or information of those persons. That's what they should be doing."

MJ:  "God Kelly, it must be so frustrating for you with Jason gone since 2001."

Comments: Another stunning case of hypocrisy on Fox News! Jerrick interviews a woman whose son has been missing for four years about why the main stream media hasn't been covering his story. Fox News is one of the worst perpetrators of picking and choosing which missing people cases they are going to show, and then slamming the viewer with segment after segment on the case. Dayside, in particular, has done at least a ten minute segment on Natalee Holloway every day since she initially went missing back in May, and have dedicated almost entire shows to her case. They have also discussed the "missing bride" case, but there has been no coverage of other missing people. If Jerrick is so concerned about this poor woman, and why other stories aren't being shown in the media, maybe he should consult his own producers, rather than stating there is a problem, without recognizing that the very show he is hosting is one of the worst offenders.

Reported by Janie