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They STILL Just Hate the West

Reported by Nancy - July 16, 2005 -

Thursday (7/14) on Dayside, guest host Mike Jerrick conducted a segment on the recent London bombings and interviewed Harvey Kushner, a terrorism expert and author of "Holy War on the Home Front".

According to Kushner, the reason for the bombing in London fell squarely on the shoulders of Great Britain: "The Brits have allowed incendiary rhetoric, Mike, at their mosques for many years. They've allowed terrorists inside, open terrorists calling for jihad against Brits and against the United States. So it doesn't come as a surprise that it happened here."

He continued by stating telling the audience why we continue to have these bombings: "Until the President of the United States tells the truth and says we're not at war with terrorism, we're not at war with Ba'ath separatists, we're not at war with the Tamil Tigers, we're at war with militant Islam, we're never going to get to the problem. And the problems is these people have the will and desire to kill Westerners, kill Americans, kill Brits, kill anyone who comes in the way of their form of ideology."

Comments: According to Kushner, the recent attacks in London were purely due to the fact that Great Britain has free speech in their country. He blames the attacks on the government for allowing Muslims to practice freely, and is diverting the attention of the audience away from the fact that the bombings actually occurred there because Britain has troops in Iraq.

Kushner then went on to make the statement that we are not at war with terrorism, but rather militant Islam. He completely ignores the actions of terrorism (the actual acts) and places the blame on the religion. We are not fighting against the attacks, but rather a portion of a religion.

Jerrick fell into Kushner's line of reasoning and the conversation continued:

MJ: "It's there form of ideology, it's not specifically that we're in Iraq, or that we have troops in Saudi Arabia"

HK:  "Oh, absolutely not."

MJ:  "It's that they hate the West and our culture and they don't want any part of it in their lives."

Comment: Jerrick follows straight RNC party lines, by deflecting any and all blame away from Americans, and blamed it on their hatred of us.
There was no other guest to combat these statements and the segment ended to loud applause.

Reported by Janie