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London Needs Their Own Patriot Act!

Reported by Nancy - July 16, 2005 -

Wednesday (7/13) on Dayside, guest host Mike Jerrick interviewed Rita Katz, author of "Terrorist Hunter" (which happens to have been published by Newscorp, with no mention during the segment of the connection).

During the interview, Jerrick discussed London's response to terrorism with the recent attack occurring there. Katz states that there have been approximately 700 arrests on terrorism suspicions but very few have actually been prosecuted. Jerrick responds by asking "Do you feel they need their own Patriot Act?" Katz's answer? "Yes".

Comments:  On July 12th, 2005 Senator F. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) introduced legislation to make the Patriot Act permanent here in the United States Patriot Act. The very next day, Fox News is pushing the Patriot Act, asking if this is what England needs in order to fight terrorism. This question allows the audience to associate the Patriot Act as being the best response to fighting terrorism, and promotes the act on behalf of the administration, in order to garner support for it being made permanent here at home.
Reported by Janie