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Four Consecutive Segments on Rove, One Point of View

Reported by Melanie - July 15, 2005

Neil Cavuto finally got around to covering (if you want to call it that) RoveGate yesterday (July 14, 2005), from a business perspective, of course (wink wink). As a matter of fact, he devoted four segments to it. However, if you got all your news from Cavuto's show, those four segments wouldn't have told you much, other than that Democrats are raising a stink about Karl Rove and "sticking it to the President."

Cavuto opened the hour with a clip of the press conference Joe Wilson/Joe Schumer held early Thursday afternoon. Cavuto said, "The guy at the heart of this Karl Rove scandal now calling to cut Karl's [apparently Cavuto's on a first name basis with Rove] security clearance now." Cavuto showed the stock market numbers and said "lurking underneath the big board, big concerns about the President's most pressing agenda." He wondered if Washington would get "so caught up" that it "forgets things retirement." "In come scandals," he said, and "out goes Social Security reform and maybe much more."

Cut to Fox reporter Molly Henneberg on the White House lawn, for, as Cavuto said, the latest on the "Rove rumor mongering." Henneberg provided the "background," saying Bush said "he and others should not make judgments about the CIA leak investigation," while the investigation is ongoing. She said the husband of the agent "whose identity was revealed said he wants Rove fired or at the very least wants Rove's security clearance revoked."

Henneberg said Rove has been in the "spotlight this week" after an email by a Time magazine reporter became public indicating that "Rove had said at the end of a conversation in 2002 that Ambassador Joe Wilson's wife apparently worked for the CIA. It's not clear though if Rove broke the law, if he knew that Valerie Plame was an undercover agent." She said Rove "suggested" to the reporter that Wilson may have been sent to Africa, "because of his wife's position at the CIA," not because "the Vice President wanted him to go."

Next came Fox's Brenda Buttner with a report on second term scandals and whether or not they "hold Wall Street hostage too." (The answer: no. So why create a report about it? So you'll worry, nevertheless, that your money might be held "hostage too".)

Next came Ben Ferguson, an up-and-coming, 20-something Republican radical and a frequent Fox guest. Cavuto introduced him as "perhaps the youngest radio rightie" who argues "this, by and large, is all about sticking it to the President."

Ferguson lamented that Senators "aren't that worried" about Social Security right now. He said a "whole, entire generation's retirement savings" are "getting lost." (Ferguson's argument wasn't that this "is all about sticking it to the President." Cavuto's the one who wanted to send that message.)

Next came Greg Valliere, a financial advisor and very frequent guest on Your World. Cavuto introduced him by asking whether "our leaders" are "ignoring your money concerns by focusing too much on all things Karl?" (First name basis again.)

Valliere said, "The people who are trying to get to Bush may use this as an excuse to get to his agenda," but, knowing the media, "this is going to be a feeding frenzy for weeks to come." Valliere admitted that Bush's Social Security "plan" was in "deep trouble even before the Rove crisis" and said the Supreme Court "fights are going to exclude everything, including Rove."

Valliere said a decade ago the markets were delighted to see "Clinton's agenda gridlocked because it was fairly liberal. They may not be as delighted now to see gridlock because a lot of good stuff, asbestos reform, tax reform, private savings accounts -- a lotta good stuff may not make it." (Comment: A "lotta of good stuff" for corporations, not for Fox's viewers.) He said the Democrats would "love to see this go on forever," and if Rove decides he's hurting Bush he might have to "fall on his own sword."

Cavuto said that if Rove quits, "even for the betterment of the boss, it would at least play into the President's critics who would say, 'see, we can poke this guy and he falls like a cheap suit'."

Valliere said that he, Cavuto, and the "chattering classes," will be "talking about this for weeks to come."

Comment: Four segments. Two consisting of reports by Fox reporters, two hosted by a Fox anchor, each with conservative guests. Four segments. Four. No alternative voice. That's Fox.

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