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Clearing Rove & Blaming Democrats

Reported by Deborah - July 15, 2005

The F&F spinning team had a lot of ground to cover this morning defending Karl Rove so there was less time for friendly chit chat.News that Rove was the recipient of the leak and not the leaker was a hot topic and Ari Fleischer's name was dropped a few times as a suspected additional leaker within the White House. Ken Mehlman appeared before 8AM to announce Rove's innocence and denounce Democrats. There was even an early debate, before 8AM, between Bob Beckel and Mike Gallagher. Finally, the show was topped off by Carl Cannon, author of a book about Rove, Boy Genius.

Bob Beckel did an excellent job against Mike Gallagher. Beckel came prepared with the facts and quickly zinged them at Gallagher who had nothing but slurs against Democrats to return. Gallagher was getting such a beating that Doocy intervened to go after Beckel but he was ready. Gallagher unable to handle the heat started to go after Barbara Boxer for writing to Sandra Day O'Connor. (comment: This was so off the wall that even I started to feel sorry for him)

Then Ken Mehlman appeared to create the image that will be replayed throughout the day on FNC.Here are some quotes.

"The investigation into a White House leak is proceeding; the White House and Karl Rove are cooperating with investigators; and "the angry Left should not drive the Democrat Party,"

"The party of Truman and JFK and FDR ought to be about higher things than smearing somebody's good name."

"We ought to let the investigation go forward. I don't think we should be commenting on a pending investigation."

After Melhman's appearance, Doocy extended an on air invitation to Howard Dean to respond. There is no way of knowing if the F&F producer will follow up on that on air offer.

Throughout the show the team inserted their points into the dialogue.
There is no proof.
This is typical of summer in DC when there's nothing to do.
Ari Fleisher is a possible leaker.
Democrats are angry at Rove. Doocy said,"Paybacks are heck."
Democrats are using Rove to get what they want.
Joe Wilson showed up with Chuck Schumer to make a statement.

At 8:45, Molly Henneberg gave her report from the White House about Rove regurgitating every point that had been repeated for over 2 hours on F&F. Then a clip of Ken Mehlman's speech, from less than an hour before, appeared as part of Henneberg's report. (WOW)

note: A reminder to please stay on the topic of the post which is Karl Rove and anything connected to the investigation. Anything remotely off topic will be deleted. We have a forum now for anything you need to say. Thanks.

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