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Such a Schmuck

Reported by Nancy - July 14, 2005 -

Yesterday (7/13) on FNL, David Asman continued his efforts to foster anti-Americanism in every other country on the face of the planet. This time it was citizens of Japan & Australia who could be offended by his idiotic comment.

At 12:30pm (EDT) there was yet another ALERT -- this one to announce that the astronauts were boarding the shuttle. Jamie Colby reported on Eileen Collins's background. Asman noted that the crew also includes an Australian & a Japanese & asked: "How did THEY get in?" -- with his tone of voice clearly implying that they weren't fully qualified. Colby then gave some background about both, & surprise, surprise, they're both very highly qualified, as shuttle crew members always are.

Comment: Here's a better question: How did David Asman ever convince anyone he's a "journalist"?

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