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Heads Up - 5th Suspect In London Bombings May Have Come Into the US - From Canada!

Reported by Donna - July 14, 2005

Todays show on Studio B was bland, dwelled on the space shuttle, some talk about Natalee Holloway and the Chief Justice's health.

However, Laurie Dhue, substituting for Shepard Smith had a short segment on the possible 5th suspect in the London bombings. Seems this man may have attended North Carolina State University. But how did he get into the United States? Probably not through our great border security, but possibly from Canada.

The following is my partial transcript between Laurie Dhue and Harold Copus who was identified as a former agent from the FBI. It is paraphrased, but pretty much verbatim.

Laurie Dhue: First of all, how do you think Scotland Yard has been handling this investigation so far?

Harold Copus: Oh, fantastic! Look at the number of leads and the progress they've made. And, I suspect we'll see even more in the next few days.

LD: (huge intake of breath, was she disappointed in his answer?) Alright. Well, what we're hearing about today, just in the last couple of hours, what I want to talk to you about is this so called connection with the 5th man who they're looking for and NC State University in Raleigh, NC. We are hearing that a former graduate at NC State, who's name and profile may have similarities to an Egyptian chemist who authorities are looking for, may be the man.

What do you make of this?

HC: Well, that's very interesting and a brief research on that would say that that individual entered the United States through Maine, went down to Florida and then wound up in Raleigh. Assuming that all of that's tied together, obviously the FBI here in the U.S. and RCMP's in Canada will want to look at that very close next.

LD: So, you're saying that he may have got into the U.S. from Canada?

HC: Through Maine and that would make you think possibly through Canada.

LD: Right. And then from Maine, where did he go? (Gee, he just told you)

HC: Down to Florida then up to North Carolina.

LD: Ok. We don't know if he's the 5th man they're looking for right now but that is kinda peculiar, isn't it?

HC: Well, it certainly is and his background, at least from an academic standpoint, would tie back in, a chemist, biochemical research.

LD: Yeah.

HC: Makes you a little more suspicious than normal.

LD: Ok.

The conversation then went on to speak about the raids in Leeds.

Comment: I think that Fox likes to get these points out there, that this possible 5th suspect in the London bombings possibly came into the U.S. from Canada. Now the former FBI agent said he entered the country from Maine. That we know, but the inference here is that he came from Canada.

He very well may have. The point is that Fox likes to set up these scenerios that we (the U.S.) wouldn't let a suspected bomber into our country, he probably got in through Canada. Just keep this in mind for future reports from the likes of Hannity and O'Reilly.

Those darn Canadians, when are they going to get their border security together like ours is? (Intended sarcasm)

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