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Christopher Hitchens, Character Assassin

Reported by Nancy - July 14, 2005 -

FNL yesterday (7/13) was gaga over the planned shuttle launch, but buried in the usual flotsam & jetsam was an interview with Christopher Hitchens, who was given free rein to trash George Galloway.

At 12:11pm (EDT), teasers included: "how can we prevent this kind of attack [like London bombings]" here?

At 12:14pm David Asman interviewed Hitchens (columnist for "Vanity Fair" & other media outlets, & prolific author) -- but the topic was hardly what the teaser promised. Asman sneered about UK investigators calling the London bombing a "criminal act" vs a "terror attack", then asked "does it matter how we define what happened in London?". Hitchens said it matters "a lot" & pointed out that it's a crime too; he added that " 'war on terror' is a stupid euphemism." Asman asked "What is the proper euphemism?" Hitchens seemed a little taken aback by the ignorance of that question, but finally said that "euphemism is to be avoided." Asman tried to recover, saying "well is it a war." Hitchens went off on a tangent, saying "there is at least one civil war within Islam" which he described as being between "those who want to restore the Caliphate ... & impose sharia" & presumably everyone else (he never really clarified who, if anyone, is on the 'other side'). He added that this civil war is "now taking place within the West too" & claimed that our "big cultural question" is to "make sure the extremists don't win the war within Islam." Asman mentioned a Weekly Standard article on Galloway & asked if any significant number of Brits agree with Galloway. This was Hitchens's cue to go off on a tear, calling Galloway & anyone who agrees with him: "a few depraved ... Stalinist sects ... a former groupie for the Soviet Union [who] just switched allegiance to the Baath party ... an obvious fool & knave." Asman ended with a plug for Hitchens's latest book ("Thomas Jefferson, Author of America", which is published by the Murdoch-owned HarperCollins, a fact not mentioned by Asman).

Comment: Too bad Hitchens got diverted (willingly?) from talking about the civil war within Islam -- that topic might have actually enlightened some FoxFans. But Fox just can't let go once they define someone as an opponent. They'll be attacking Galloway for the next decade, at least. I suppose Galloway can be pleased that he's in good company -- Hitchens also trashed Mother Teresa about 10 years ago.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's obsession with destroying perceived opponents; Hitchens's nastiness). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.