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Spinning Like A Record

Reported by Nancy - July 13, 2005 -

Yesterday (7/12) on Dayside, guest host Juliet Huddy began the show discussing the recent London attacks, and what that could mean for the United States. She referenced a recent Gallup Poll concerning American's feelings on whether the U.S. is going to be struck again. She states that   "A majority of Americans believe that a terrorist attack will happen in the next few weeks. Do you guys believe that? Well, 55% of people say they do."

Comments: To clarify for Huddy's viewers; according to the recent (July 7–10) Gallup Poll Huddy references, only 12% of people feel that another terrorist attack is "very likely", while 43% of people feel that it is "somewhat likely". These results do not support Huddy's firm claim that "a majority of Americans believe that a terrorist attack will happen in the next few weeks". The phrase "somewhat likely" is not an affirmative, rather a statement that another terrorist attack is only possible.
Later in the show, Huddy addresses the "Democrat's wish", or Karl Rove's involvement in the Valerie Plame case. She spoke with veteran Democrat political consultant Bob Beckel and Brad Blakeman, former advisor to President Bush. The debate began in a civilized manor, but as Beckel began making very strong points against Karl Rove, Huddy cuts Beckel off to ask "If he did it unintentionally Brad, should he still be reprimanded in some way?" Blakeman responded: "Absolutely not. Karl Rove did not leak, Karl Rove provided information which he was entitled to do and at the request of a reporter, it was background information, it was off the record, it wasn't intended to have Karl Rove attributed to that story, it happens every day, Bob knows it, because HIS White House's did it as well. Karl Rove did what senior staff do everyday, it was perfectly proper."
Huddy then turned to the audience for their feelings on the case, asking if Rove should be punished, which was answered with a resounding "No!"
Comments: Huddy bills the entire investigation as though it is another attempt by the Democrats to go after the administration. She intentionally cuts off Beckel, the Democrat, in order to allow Blakeman to put the Republican spin on the valid points that Beckel made. Blakeman's argument is also not a strong one, and note that there is no denial that Rove was Cooper's informant. He attempts, rather, to make it appear as though Rove mentioning that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA is a normal thing to do, but without Rove's comments on the matter, this "outing" would not have taken place.
Beckel was not allowed to give his rebuttal before Huddy turned to the audience, and the discussion ended with the opinion of the audience.

Reported by Janie