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Rove - Lot's Of Questions - No Answers from White House and Pres Bush

Reported by Donna - July 12, 2005

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith, a try at showing both sides was attempted. The final report - the White House and Pres Bush failed miserably.

Here's what Shepard Smith and Catherine Herridge had to say about Karl Rove (paraphrased, but pretty much verbatim):

Shepard Smmith: President Bush and his Press Secretary getting a whole lotta questions, not surprisingly, about Karl Rove.

Smith continued: Rove, of course, is the president's closest advisor and the man the president credits with helping him win the last two presidential elections.

So far they're not saying too much about Rove's possible involvement in the leaks of a CIA's officers identity. In fact they're not saying anything.

Our correspondent, Catherine Herridge, is live in D.C. with the latest as we have it now. Catherine?

Catherine Herridge: Shep, it looks like the White House is battening down the hatches. At the briefing, spokesman, Scott McClellan, refused, once again, to be drawn into the controversy. When asked if he stood by is statement 21 months ago, that Rove had no role whatsoever in the Valerie Plame affair, McClellan had a consistent response.

(Cut to video of Scot McClellan) I remember...uh...well, individuals involved in overseeing this investigation expressing their preference personally to me that we not get into discussing what is an ongoing investigation.

Catherine Herridge: The president was peppered with questions as well, today, after a meeting with the President of Singapore.

(Cut to video of President Bush) Thank you all for coming.

The press is in background shouting out questions of whether he will fire Karl Rove.

(Comment: The president responded with his best 'My Pet Goat', 'Deer in the Headlights' stare and did not respond).

Catherine Herridge: An e-mail exchange between Rove and this journalist, Matt Cooper, became public over the weekend. In a conversation about pre war intelligence in Iraq, Rove reportedly told Cooper that contrary to what Ambassador Joe Wilson had said, neither the VP, nor the CIA Director sent him to Africa to verify reports about Iraq's nuclear weapons programs.

Rove said that Wilson's wife, here with her husband Ambassador Wilson (shows picture of Ambassador Wilson and Valerie Plame) apparently worked for the CIA and that appeared to be the reason he went on the trip. (Comment: So he outed her? Who cares who sent him?)

Though Rove never mentioned Valerie Plame by name, Democrats, including former Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry said his behavior is unacceptable.

(Cut to video of Senator Kerry) Is the value of day to day politics and the value of political advice and the value of his position greater than the national security of our country and the protection of the identity of people as well as their own word and their own policy. The White House's credibility is at issue here. I believe very clearly that Karl Rove should be fired.

Herridge: It's not clear whether Rove knew Plame was undercover and deliberately revealed it, which is a crime regardless. Some within the intelligence community believe some of her contacts have been permanently compromised and may have been exposed to grave risk as a result. Shep?

Smith: Hmmm..Catherine Herridge, live on Capitol Hill. Catherine, thank you.

Comment: While there is some evidence as to Studio B trying to present each side it should be noted to take a look at specific words used such as ...not clear whether Rove knew Plame was undercover...Rove says that Ambassador Wilson's wife apparently worked for the CIA......Scott McClellan, refused, once again, to be drawn into the controversy...Though Rove never mentioned Valerie Plame by name.

In other words, Rove said it was Ambassador Wilson's wife, who worked for the CIA. He didn't say her 'name' specifically (groan). It's not clear if he knew she was undercover. And McClellan won't be 'drawn' into the controversy. And what is this 'attacking' of Joe Wilson? Why would you attack the people who have been wronged?

It's how Fox words segments that you have to look at. Why, when McClellan and Bush gave comments before on this investigation, do they now refuse to?

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