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Fox News Solves London Bombing Mystery

Reported by Melanie - July 11, 2005

Earlier today (July 11, 2005) I saw several headlines saying that the British have no leads in the investigation into the London bombings, so, naturally, I was surprised when Fox trotted out a "terrorism analyst" who had the case solved.

Neil Cavuto, forgetting (again) that his show is supposedly about business news, introduced Harvey Kushner, author of Holy War on the Home Front this way: "Well, even though crude devices were ruled out in the attack on London, should we be worried about them in this country? My next guest says yes, absolutely." Cavuto turned to Kushner, "A couple of these devices were pretty crude." (Didn't he just say "crude devices were ruled out"?)

Kushner said if they were crude "it tells us something," that the "network is larger than a lot of people might want to believe." Kushner said information might have been passed on by people who got their "training in Afghanistan [I thought we "rooted out" the terrorists there] and Sudan." They may have had information passed on to them so "it's not good news."

Cavuto, always striving to educate his audience as to the complexity of issues like this said, "Either way, it stinks."

Kurshner said yes, "either way." He said "their MO is not to keep hitting one shot after another," because you "raise the ire" of people. With hits like London, you "get all that publicity, you get all that fear" and you get your "political agenda across to some extent." Al Qaeda doesn't do "event after event."

Cavuto said they (Al Qaeda) have to know it's "one thing" hitting Madrid and "seeing a government turn over," and it's "quite another hitting the US or hitting Britain where the reaction is a lot more spartan." (Spartan? Invading Afghanistan and Iraq, creating the Patriot Act, establishing Gitmo is "spartan"?)

Kushner said "time will tell" how Blair reacts, "he might be under pressure." Kushner said "you have to act on it now." He said he's hoping "Tony Blair becomes more of a spokesperson and supplements George Bush who has the willpower to do it but doesn't have the worries that Blair has."

Cavuto: "But you're arguing it could happen in this country, and will?" (Kushner said nothing of the kind. Cavuto was the one who raised the issue of it happening here.) Kushner said, "Oh, absolutely." Cavuto interrupted, hyping the fear, "In New York? Big city?" Kushner, Oh, "absolutely, certainly in a big city." Cavuto, interrupted again, "On the magnitude of September 11 or London?" Kushner, "Al Qaeda would like that" but Kushner wasn't sure they could "pull it off." Cavuto asked if there are "the same cells in this country that there were in and around London?" Kushner, "Oh, absolutely." Cavuto interrupted (again), "Strong? Stronger?" Kushner, "Stronger here in this country." He said in Great Britain you have these "incendiary clerics who publicly make these statements." Before this happened, he said, "clerics were out there talking about bombing America and killing Britons."

Comment: Again, the British have NO LEADS (that they're talking about publicly anyway) in the case. This segment was based on a hypothetical scenario. It was designed to stoke fear in this country and about making we citizens grab ahold of George Bush's pant leg, as we suck our collective thumb like helpless children, while he (supposedly) protects us from the big, bad world. Oh, and this sure diverts attention away from Karl Rove, doesn't it?

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