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Bernie Goldberg redux - weekend edition

Reported by Chrish - July 10, 2005

I turned on the TV looking for an update on Hurricane Dennis, and imagine that, it was tuned to Fox. There was John Kasich saying snidely that after the commercial we were going to take a look at who's screwing up America, and we probably had a good idea who...

We quickly placed our bets that a. all would be known or suspected Democrats , b. none would be known or suspected Republicans, c. Hollywood types would be involved, especially Michael Moore and Al Franken and d. so-called liberal media would take a hit. We all won.

Guest Bernie Goldberg, author of 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken is #37) (score!) began by saying that whether you're liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, no one is happy that in the last few years America has gotten angrier, nastier and more vulgar. He says some particular people are at fault, and he names them.

Goldberg started out with his #5, Anthony Romero, head of the ACLU. While it was conceded that the ACLU has done a lot of good over the years, when it comes to the war on terror it seems they can't get behind ANYthing this government proposes. They're worried that some FBI agent is gonna look over somebody's shoulder in the library. You know what? According to Goldberg, "that's a small price to pay when the nation's at war. And when we're not at war any more with these Islamic fascists I'll worry about who's looking over my shoulder to see what I'm reading. But until then, I'm not worried and I don't think most Americans are worried."

Comment: Because they don't really think about it; too busy. I think most Americans would be totally creeped out if it was their reading choices being monitored.

Kasich asked if perhaps the book might add to the divide in this country: "If you write a book and say here's the 100 boneheads in America, doesn't that add to the debate...?"

Goldberg took the opportunity to repeat what he said in his appearance on Hannity and Colmes July 6, that is "unlike the boneheads, as you put it, I don't call anybody in this book, I don't call anyone a Nazi, I don't call anybody a fascist, I don't drop the f-bomb on anybody, and I'll tell ya, my good friends on the left can't make the same statement. (Comment: or the VeeP.) Out in Hollywood, there's a chapter called "Hollywood Blowhards" (score!) out in Hollywood, Bush equals Nazi, y'know, they think the two words are synonymous." As he's saying this, soundless video of Michael Moore is played. Score!

Kasich, rather than demanding names of who exactly said that (Patricia Heaton? Ron Silver? Kelsey Grammer?), says "That's a good point. Give us your top three, Bernie."

Well, Teddy Kennedy (score!) made number 3. "But not because of his liberal politics. Nobody's on the list because of their politics. You have to reach a certain level of indecency to make the list. And I think what he did to Judge Bork, saying that if he were elevated to the Supreme Court women would be back having back-alley abortions, blacks couldn't eat at lunch counters, and rogue police would be breaking down the doors of minorities. Look, he's supposed to be the conscience of the Democratic party. (he is?) What's that, a man of conscience does what a man of conscience has to do? That's nasty. In the words of William F. Buckley, he's a 'distillery of meanness'."

Asked to run through the last two quickly, he cites Arthur Sulzburger, publisher of the New York Times (Score! Do we know the agenda or what?), "and number one, and I don't think it needs any explanation... Michael Moore." (Game, set, match.)

He says the book is doing very well, and credits "this frustration we were talking about. I think I'm catching up with the American people with this one."

Comments: The frustration Goldberg credits for the book's purported success comes from the right, those people in control of the three branches of federal government, most governorships, the media, and the voting machines. They want 100%, no dissent, no diversity...the "my way or the highway" folks. The rest of us, well we're not "real" Americans. I know it 'cuz my gmail tells me so.

Look for Judge Bork to show up on screen and in conversation as the administration prepares to nominate two right-wingers to the Supreme Court. Past objections and comparisons will be used to discredit valid concerns brought up by anyone left of Rick Santorum and to stir old angers.

As usual Kasich did not mention that the book is published by HarperCollins, a NewsCorp. holding.

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