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Jesse Jackson A Top Dog

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2005

We News Hounds are working on setting up a Democrats' honor roll thread for the Democrats who are "best in show" on FOX News. Whenever we finally get it together, I'm going to add Jesse Jackson for his expert handling of Sean Hannity last night.

Jackson was all smiles when he joined Hannity & Colmes and joked around with Hannity, which was a good start. It probably helped that Jackson was on the same side as Hannity during the Terri Schiavo circus last winter.

Before long, Jackson and Hannity were discussing the bombings in London yesterday. Of course, Jackson decried the attacks.

Hannity, as usual, started to rev up for a tirade against Democrats. He asked Jackson if he agreed that the London attackers would have used WMD's, if they could. Jackson answered sensibly and quietly but also got in his talking points. "Perhaps they would but we don't know that. We need not speculate about they may have done if. We know what they did today. It was an awful thing. What concerns me tonight, really, is that our ports - we cannot stop heroin from coming in and we know it's coming from Afghanistan. We cannot stop cocaine from coming in from Colombia. So if our ports are like a 2% port security, we're vulnerable tonight."

Hannity agreed that there's room for improvement in our security but then asked this non sequitor, "Can you negotiate with people that believe they're doing good work killing innocent people or do you have to defeat them?"

Jackson clearly realized what a hate-filled question that was but he answered kindly (and brilliantly, in my view), "Well, you know we found the end of slavery which was evil, without killing the slave masters. At the end of the day, there was a new America that was conceived and we saw a more perfect union."

Hannity, like a dog with a bone he refused to let go of, continued as if he hadn't heard a word of what Jackson just said. "You can negotiate with these terrorists? You can sit down at a table and say, "Please Mr. Terrorist stop?"

Jackson: Well, that would be kind of silly to use that approach... But in this case we don't know who the enemy is. You know, the Taliban hit us from Afghanistan and we hit Iraq. And we left the Taliban there...

Hannity: We have to defeat them. We can't negotiate with them.

Jackson said, "Once we find them. We have not found bin Laden yet, for example." He added that we lose many American lives from drugs such as heroin and cocaine which is also a form of chemical warfare.

Colmes interrupted to bring up Guantanamo Bay and ask whether Jackson agreed that torturing people or going against the Geneva Conventions did nothing to prevent the attacks in London yesterday.

Jackson agreed and said also that we should hold ourselves to a higher standard. He said that what has happened in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo is "not a credit to our nation." "What makes us strong is our moral correctness, not lowering our standards."

Jackson raised the bar last night.

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