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Hannity Tries To Spin London Attacks As Proof Of Bush's Wisdom

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2005

Sean Hannity came up with a novel, if incomprehensible, way to spin yesterday's attacks in London - by claiming they prove Bush did the right thing by invading Iraq.

I couldn't understand how he made the connection, but here's what he said, verbatim, to guest General Wesley Clark, FOX News analyst or contributor or something (Note to FOX News, who I know is out there, lurking: you really need to update your website's bios page. Clark is not there.)

Hannity: Isn't this the fact, though, General... that what we witnessed here was pure evil, what we saw on 9/11 was pure evil and doesn't (sic) events like this actually prove that the president is actually right inasmuch as we knew Saddam used chemical weapons and biological weapons against his own people? We knew he wouldn't abide by the cease fire agreement or the UN resolutions. The French told us he had 'em, John Kerry told us he had these weapons. And Bill Clinton did - that we can't take a chance that those weapons with people like him get in the hands of people that commit acts like today?

Say what? Hannity seems to be saying that it's a good thing we invaded or the attacks would have been even more catastrophic, based on the opinions of Kerry, Clinton, the French and the UN. Those guys are not exactly members of Hannity's World Strategy Hall of Fame. But when they agree with Bush, Hannity can't trot them out often enough. Then they serve as living proof that Bush was right about whatever it was they agree with him on. Really, Sean, can't you find any better proof than the opinions of those you despise? Maybe not.

Clark immediately showed himself to be several cuts above the run-of-the-mill FOX military analysts who are so hawkish, they have probably already appeared on other shows advocating why the London events prove we need to invade Syria, Iran and God knows where else.

Instead, Clark figured out a way of turning around Hannity's nonsensical "questions" and used them to his own advantage. Clark said Hannity was on "to a very solid point" by talking about WMD's, that the London bombers seem to be a very localized group, but we have to make sure they never get WMD's.

Hannity, seemingly pleased that Clark appeared to agree with him, said, "That's why we take it out of the hands of Saddam when he won't abide by the world community. That's the wisdom in why Bush went to Iraq." (Comment: Another incomprehensible feat of reasoning, but mental acuity has never been Hannity's strong suit.)

Clark, having lulled Hannity into complacency said that rather than look at what has been done, we need to talk about what to do now. He then went through a laundry list of to-do items that Bush has so far failed to do: "Strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the UN inspection regimes, working on biological weapons treaties and inspections, chemical weapons treaties, We need to work to isolate rogue states."

Attention all Democrats: You can learn to get your talking points in, too.

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