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The Blood Isn't Dry But Blame the Liberals Anyway

Reported by Melanie - July 7, 2005

Bo Dietl, a thug-like former New York City detective who has somehow managed to become a media darling, was a guest today (July 7, 2005) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. He gave a dire assessment of where we are in the War on Terror in the aftermath of London. In his opinion, liberals are a big part of the problem. Oh, and civil and human rights kinda get in the way too.

Cavuto introduced Dietl saying that his next guest thinks people have become too complacent, "both here and there [the UK]" and Dietl says "the next attack will be in New York City, like it or not."

Dietl said two years ago an attack was averted in Brooklyn. "They were planning on attacking our subways," but it didn't get much attention. "Imagine if they carried it out. There would have been a lot more ink in the papers." (Comment: Those pesky "liberal" newspapers! They only report bad news.) Cavuto asked what they were planning to do and Dietl said, "setting explosives in the subways." Cavuto was quick to point out that it "could have killed a lot more people" (than in London).

Dietl said NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly communicates with the FBI, Interpol and gets his own intelligence; he's not going to "wait for the FBI to tell him what's going on."

Cavuto asked why Dietl insists then, that NYC will be attacked. Dietl said, "I feel as though we were, and still are, a target." The only way to avoid an attack is "with intelligence." Dietl said people need to look for suspicious packages, or "I'm sorry to say, profiling, Neil. If there are six Middle Eastern men in a grocery store down the block together," and they "come and go" and "act suspicious," call the police. "I'm sorry Mr. Middle Easterner. If you're an American, if you're here legally, if you're doing the right thing, I'm sorry, you're gonna get investigated." That's the "only way we're gonna stop an attack in New York."

Cavuto asked if Dietl was "saying we're getting afraid to profile, but that we should?"

Dietl said, "I think that this liberal bunch of people out there, worrying about these people over here, in Gizmo [sic] prison down there, worrying about a guy being blindfolded, are they worried about those poor people going to work this morning to make money for their family, that were blown apart, probably children also? Did they worry about them? We shouldn't worry so much about these murders that are over there in Guantanamo Bay. We should worry about crushing them out." He said Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda's philosophy is such that you "can't co-exist with them." (Comment: Apparently he thinks liberals who worry about "Gizmo" think we can.) He said they want us "wiped out, so we should wipe them out first, no matter what we gotta do." He said everybody has to "become a detective."

Cavuto, as always, pretending that his show is actually about business news, said, pathetically, "Real quickly, our markets ended up today."

Dietl said "England is our brother country." We should "be strong together." "I'm so happy," he said, kissing Cavuto's you-know-what, "about the markets ending up," but "this should get us more stirred up and more fighting and we should get really mad now, and really pissed off and go back over there and drop some more bombs and wipe out that Taliban a little faster."

Comment: Ain't it great that Fox is around to give guys like this a voice?

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