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Stingy Sean Hannity: Don't Be Christian With MY Money

Reported by Ellen - July 7, 2005

Sean Hannity showed his true colors last night on Hannity & Colmes when he sparred with Kevin Danaher, co-founder of Global Exchange, an international human rights organization protesting the G8 Summit. Although the segment started off by being about the protests and "are the protesters going too far?" it soon became apparent that Hannity's real concern was that Danaher might cost him some money.

Danaher is the kind of spunky liberal guest FOX needs more of but he would have been even better had he been less disdainful toward both Colmes and Hannity and more familiar with the show.

Colmes spent almost his entire portion of the interview discussing the tactics of Global Exchange. He made it clear he supports the principles behind the protests but that with the rock-throwing and window-breaking, some have gone too far. "You don't approve of that behavior, do you?" Colmes asked. Intermittently throughout the interview, we saw video of rock-throwing, window-smashing, police-clashing protesters.

Danaher had an air of resignation as he answered that a small percentage of sports fans get out of hand, too, but "that doesn't mean we go after banning baseball or football." Colmes pressed the issue until, finally, Danaher replied that his organization has been very clear about its support for "non-violent resolution of conflict," that violence makes the media focus "on that more exciting visual than to deal with the issue."

At that point, Colmes' time was just about up, leaving Sean Hannity as the only one to "discuss" what the organization stands for. Perhaps this would not have happened had Danaher been more forthcoming in the first place or if he had come prepared to get one or two talking points in, no matter what the host said, as recommended very aptly by DailyKos.

Then it was Sean Hannity's turn. He must have spent all his civility quotient for the day in the segment with Judge Bork earlier. He started the interview by saying, "Kevin, you sound just like Bill Clinton." (the worst insult possible from a conservative.) He demanded, in his usual overbearing and bullying way, that Danaher renounce "these people," "this violence," etc. While he spoke, an on-screen video showed a dark-hooded protester, smashing the window of a minivan.

Danaher gave it right back to him, reiterating that he denounces violence and adding, "Oh, I have to say it your way, OK."

Hannity then said, "Now let's go a little bit to what your mission is, here." His voice heavy with disgust, he read from some notes (undoubtedly prepared for him by someone else) "You think there's too much inequality in the world. You think there's no reason for people to be hungry. There's plenty of food, etc... I have a better solution for you and all your liberal, socialist friends (Danaher never said he was a socialist). Why don't you guys stop wasting your time protesting and go out and raise money and feed the poor. (Danaher interrupted "We do.") And if you get efficient at it, I will help you and so will other people but stop demanding that other people be... that you be generous with other people's money."

Danaher answered that it's taxpayer money "so we have a legitimate right to say how we want it to be spent and it's obviously not being spent effectively when you get Iraq getting more debt written off in a day than Africa, as a continent has had written off in 10 years."

Hannity, as he typically does when confronted with a good argument, changed the subject. Rather than address the issue of how to spend taxpayer money, he asked why Global Exchange doesn't do something, itself.

Had Danaher been familiar with Hannity's tactics, he could have stuck to his subject and kept talking about how generous Bush is being to Halliburton, KBR, etc. with America's taxpayer's money. Instead, he answered Hannity's question by explaining a bit of what Global Exchange does.

But Hannity interrupted with an angry-sounding "Good," which proved that he didn't care what the answer was to his last question, he only wanted to change the subject.

Hannity then moved in for his strongest attack, showing what his true concern was, all along. "Then stop demanding that governments force money out of people's pockets to redistribute it to enforce YOUR morality."

KD: But Sean, with less than we've spent in Iraq on the war...

SH: You're a broken record on Iraq. I get it, you don't like the war... There is no America, there is no world, if we don't have freedom and liberty first... You believe there's great inequality in the world and, like the good socialist you are, you want to redistribute wealth from people who are successful, people who have achieved (Who do you think Sean had in mind there?) and you want to give it to other people. And I'm saying, why don't you and your liberal friends who share your ideology do it on your own and stop demanding that governments point guns at people's pockets, and pick their pockets and redistribute it? Why don't you do it and stop wasting your time protesting?

KD: Let me talk and I'll say it. I was raised as a Christian on the life of Jesus Christ and he said you're supposed to reach out...

SH: Be a Christian with YOUR money. Be a Christian with YOUR money, not other people's money.

KD: ... and help those who are less fortunate... Well, he told the rich guy who wanted to get into heaven you've got to give up all your wealth.

SH: So let him decide what to do with his money and you decide what to do with yours.

Colmes interrupted, saying that Danaher was absolutely right that taxpayer dollars in Iraq and elsewhere could be better spent.

Danaher said, "We'd be more secure. We'd have more security. They wouldn't hate us."

But Sean Hannity might have to give up a few dollars for someone else. No price is too great to pay to make sure that doesn't happen.

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