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Silence Remains on Rove - and The Fox Spin on Joe Wilson

Reported by Nancy - July 7, 2005 -

Yesterday (7/6) on Dayside, guest host Juliet Huddy dedicated almost the entire show to the Natalee Holloway case with a few short segments mixed in on the hurricane situation in the south and the controversy over the Catholic Church asking to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country (to which one Dayside viewer responded "We don't need any more people on welfare!") At the end of the show, Huddy once again dedicated approximately two minutes to the Valerie Plame case. She spoke to correspondent Greg Kelly and asked him to update the audience on the situation, stating that "Greg's got the latest on this".

GK: "Hi there Juliet. Well, a lot of people never thought it would come to this, the possibility that two journalists, very likely today could go to jail. Two of the most prominent journalists in the country, Matthew Cooper from Time Magazine and Judith Miller of the New York Times. Both of those journalists arrived here at Federal Court in Washington DC, just a few moments ago, kind of a hectic atmosphere around them as you can see in this video. The hearing is scheduled to begin in about five minutes. Now the Special Counsel in this case, Patrick Fitzgerald, has been very clear. He wants these two to tell the Grand Jury who in the Bush administration leaked to them the name of the CIA Operative. Now, their refusal, according to Fitzgerald is contrary to the journalistic ideals that these individuals purport to hold. Time Magazine has already provided the court with some background documents, e-mails, notes from Matthew Cooper, that kind of thing, but so far Mr Cooper himself has not testified and still Mr Fitzgerald wants that testimony. Wants Mr Cooper to tell what he knows.  Now the background on all this, well, Valerie Plame is the wife of a former Ambassador, Joe Wilson. Two years ago, Joe Wilson became a rather vocal critic of the Bush administration questioning their use and interpretation of intelligence on weapons of mass destruction. Now, the dark interpretation of this goes, the Bush Administration official leaked the name of Mr Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, and alerted journalists to the fact that she was a CIA operative, the dark interpretation again here, that this was somehow in retribution for Mr Wilson's outspoken criticism."

Comments: First, Kelly's summation of the Valerie Plame case is very skewed. He states that the "dark interpretation" over all of this, is that the leak was motivated by Joe Wilson's questioning the administration's "use and interpretation of intelligence on weapons of mass destruction". This statement is far from the truth, but Fox is afraid to allow it's audience to know exactly what Wilson questioned, and that Wilson was actually correct. This was not about "interpretation", this was over a document purporting Saddam Hussein attempted to purchase uranium from Niger. It turned out the documents in question were actually forged, and this was determined through two hours and a simple  "Google" search. Yet Fox chooses to muddy the waters with their description of events, and does not choose to mention the truth of the matter.

Second, and not quite as surprising, there was no mention of Rove being implicated in the matter.  According to Huddy, "Greg's got the latest", but once again Fox chooses to ignore a critical piece of information in the case, in order to protect one of its own.

As an aside, I am certainly not surprised that Fox has decided not to mention Rove's involvement, but as for the other news outlets, I'm surprised they have yet to mention Rove's history. According to many sources (and a now "missing" Houston Chronicle article), Rove worked on the 1992 Presidential campaign of George H W Bush, and was fired from his duties there for leaking information to a reporter. And guess who that reporter was? Yes, it just happened to be Bob Novak. This link is one that holds great importance in this case, yet every main-stream news outlet has either failed to cover it or ignored it.